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Board of Directors

John Schmidt (Chantier Davie)

Chairman of the Board

John is a Certified Engineering Technologist with over 40 years of experience working in the Canadian marine industry, in executive positions with both the private and Government sectors. He began his career as a Field Service Engineer with Canadian Westinghouse, installing and servicing propulsion systems on Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers. He moved into the Government sector where he worked in many departments over 27 years, first as a Life Cycle Materiel Manager with DND, Marine Surveyor with Transport Canada, at PWGSC as Manager of Electrical Engineering and then as Director of Marine Procurement on the very successful Halifax Class Modernization Program.

Mr. Schmidt moved back to the private sector with Fleetway Inc. as their Director of Contracts and then to Halifax Shipyard where he was Director of Government Initiatives and Client Relations as well as Project Manager on the CCG Hero Class ship construction project. In 2013, John helped re-start the Davie Shipyard as their Vice President Commercial and was instrumental in leading the shipyard's resurgence into Federal Government projects and commercial ship repair. Mr. Schmidt also established Davie’s presence in Ottawa and Victoria by leading the business development team for the RCN’s interim Naval Supply Ship contract, for the conversion, operation and lease of the MV Asterix.


Shaun Padulo (Heddle Marine)

Vice Chairman of the Board

Shaun Padulo is the President of Heddle Shipyards. Shaun has more than 10 years of experience in the marine and offshore contracting sectors. Starting his career as a deckhand on tugboats sailing on the Great Lakes, Shaun departed Canada in 2011 and held various commercial roles for the Dutch firms Dockwise Shipping B.V. and Boskalis Offshore B.V.

During his time at Dockwise, Shaun lived and worked in the Netherlands where he specialized in the logistical management of large modules as well as the transportation and installation of offshore production structures. While at Boskalis, Shaun lived and worked in Houston, Texas and focused on offshore installation projects, offshore decommissioning projects and subsea IRM projects. Shaun is an alumnus of the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and McMaster University in Hamilton. Shaun holds a Masters of Science in Maritime Economics and Logistics.


Bob Clark (MetalCraft Marine)

Board Member

After running a retail business for 15 years, Bob entered the interesting world of boat-building in 1991. He was helping out his friend and later partner Tom Wroe. When Bob started in ’91 the Company had 4 employees. In the first year the Company had ramped up to 10 employees and had a very successful year with $600,000 in sales. Bob had a vision and thought that MetalCraft had the designs and knowledge to be a world leader in the industry. Fast forward to today, MetalCraft is the third largest aluminum boat builder in North America, has 90 employees and has won many awards for its designs. It has sold over 800 vessels into approximately 20 countries and is a major defence supplier to the US Navy, USCG and CAD Navy. Bob is still the Contracts Manager and loves the excitement and amazing technology that MetalCraft brings to all of its customers.

Sonia Logue (Duke Marine)

Board Member

Is the President of Duke Marine, which is 100% Canadian, female-owned and operated, and partners with major clients in Canada, the United States and around the world. Sonia brings over 20 years of experience recruiting for the specific needs of the shipbuilding, oil and gas industries. Duke Marine was founded in 2003 by Sonia as an Ontario Corporation to collaborate between industry, academia and skilled talent pools of diverse peoples, including women, Indigenous Peoples, veterans, new Canadians and others. Duke Marine supplies staffing services to such Canadian naval projects as the Canadian Surface Combatants, the Joint Support Ships, and the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships.

Jason C Aspin (Aspin Kemp & Associates)

Board Member


Is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 22 years of executive business experience. Prior to that Mr. Aspin worked through the racks up to senior officer positions within the Canadian Coast Guard after graduating from the Canadian Coast Guard College Marine Engineering program in 1987. Mr. Aspin is the founder and a significant shareholder of several successful businesses that are based in Canada and operating around the world. In his daily role, Mr. Aspin is the CEO/CTO and controlling shareholder of Aspin Kemp & Associates. This company is a leading technology company worldwide providing innovation and solutions to marine and land based power, energy and power to process applications. 

Darcy Byrtus (BMT)

Board Member


Darcy Byrtus has over 35 years’ experience in the marine industry.  Darcy served 22 years in the RCN as a Marine Engineering Officer and Naval Architect.  He served in a variety of positions at sea, in the Naval Ship Repair Units and in Major Crown Projects including the Canadian Patrol Submarine Project and as the Ship Systems Manager for the Canadian Patrol Frigate Project.  Darcy also spent 16 years at General Dynamics Canada where he held several positions including the Project Manager for the Hydra Underwater Warfare system for the Royal Swedish Navy, Project Manager Canadian Maritime Helicopter Project, and Director of Business Development for Naval Programs.

Darcy has been President of BMT since 2014. BMT provides engineering, logistics, project management and materials research and to the defence and energy sectors and has supported the Crown on the Joint Support Ship, the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship and the Canadian Surface Combatant and in the support of the Victoria Class submarines for the last 12 years.        

Darcy has a BSc in Physics & Physical Oceanography from Royal Roads Military College and a MSc in Naval Architecture and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Darcy also holds a Certificate in International Corporate Direction from the Institute of Directors.

Steven Christiansen (Seaspan Shipyards)

Board Member

Steven Christiansen is the Vice President, Supply Chain Management at Seaspan Shipyards.  Seaspan is located on the west coast of British Columbia and is proud to be Canada’s chosen non-combat shipbuilder under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS).  In his role, Steven leads Seaspan Shipyard’s contracting, procurement, logistics, and Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) program ensuring delivery of economic benefits to Canada and Canadians.

Steven joined Seaspan Marine in 2012 as Director, Corporate Supply Chain Management and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Simon Fraser University.     

With over 20 years of senior leadership experience in both public and private organizations, Steven is a passionate and energetic person who loves the challenges of rebuilding a shipbuilding industry and supply chain in Canada.  When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids running up and skiing down the local mountains.