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Colin Cooke

President and CEO

Colin is a seasoned not-for-profit business leader with expertise in financial affairs, board-level governance, fundraising and operational management. In his work with not-for-profit organizations, Colin also draws on his extensive background in private banking, wealth management and commercial finance. He has led organizations as diverse as think tanks and arts groups but with his focus always on ensuring that they were sustainable, effective organizations.

Originally from Halifax of Navy parents, Colin grew up in the nation’s capital but has maintained a life-long love of the sea and all that and those that sail on it. Colin’s education includes a B.A. in Political Science from Carleton University, a Certificate in Business Administration from Ottawa University and numerous professional certifications in financial services and board governance.



Johanna Roach

Director of Marketing and Operations

Johanna has over 15 years working in the non-profit sector with expertise in strategic planning, marketing, operations, business development and event management. She has assisted with the creation of strategic clusters, has worked with a national think tank and multiple national associations.

Johanna is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, holds certificates in marketing and meetings and convention management. She is a self-taught WordPress developer and digital marketing strategist. She is a sailor, diver and is most comfortable when she is on the water.