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The Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association is the national body giving a strong voice to our industry; broad support to our members; and a forum for successful collaboration across the country. The association will also work toward providing a broad range of data, information, and explanations for use by members and for the public at large.


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Calian Composites started in 2015 as a research branch of Calian Advanced Technologies in Saskatoon. Calian Composites initially focused on the production of Carbon and Epoxy satellite dishes for our parent company. In the past number of years we have expanded our scope of composites work and have filled our 40,000sf facility with exciting new ventures. We have worked with nearly every reinforcement currently on the market including Fiberglass, Carbon, and Kevlar as well as resin products such as Epoxy, Vinyl-Ester, Polyester and Polyurethanes. We specialize in closed molding processes that enable us to have tight tolerances, predictable thickness, weight reduction of parts and reduced emissions. Some of our past and present projects include but are not limited to manufacturing a wide variety of satellite dishes, drone target boats, gas station canopies and interior parts for armored vehicles. With nearly 50 engineering and fabrication staff we have the capacity to take on new projects, re-design existing projects or turn an idea into a functioning part for customers. Manufacturers and users of metals from all over the globe are eagerly changing from traditional materials to composites and we are looking forward to being part of this transition.


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