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On Watch Newsletter April 17, 2024 Edition

On Watch April 17, 2024 Edition

April 17, 2024

On Watch Newsletter Edition April  17,  2024 



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From Colin's Desk 



Hello all,

Welcome to another edition of On Watch! In this issue we feature news items from across Canada and the globe that are of interest to our sector. It is a super busy time of year and we hope to see everyone at one of the big events coming up very soon.

We are pleased to have recently welcomed a whole slew of new members to the fold. EBM Laser, based in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec, provides expertise in laser cutting, digital assembly and folding using the latest sheet metal cutting knowledge and technologies. Soucy Industriel, based in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, is a leading contractor in industrial site mechanics. Specializing in welding, on-site machining, and equipment/heavy machinery maintenance, they provide essential support to Canada's largest shipyards and marine suppliers. Setec Proxima Inc., based in Longueuil, Québec is a consultancy firm providing project management services serving various industries, including the naval industry. ADGA, provides innovative advanced technology solutions, agile project management and expertise in defence and security systems. SailTimer Inc., provides crowdsourced weather data that is high resolution, accurate and in real-time. VapCor Inc., offers industrial and specialty marine products, including marine stop-leaks and all-purpose environmental lubricants, corrosion prevention coatings, fuel additives and cleaners. BluMetric Environmental Inc., assesses and recommends environmental solutions, including designing, building and deploying turn-key cleantech systems. Dawco provides fully integrated industrial, institutional and commercial construction services.

Our Maritech Event Spotlight in this edition features Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) volunteer, Yousra Anwar, who provides some insight into all the opportunities that SNAME offers its over 6,000 members and celebrates the event that is a collaboration between SNAME and CIMarE and takes place in St John’s next month.

We will be returning to our regular Member Spotlights in the next edition.  We do encourage our members to reach out to us and let us know if you are interested in a Spotlight, with its unique editorial content. e would be happy to arrange an interview and write up the feature. If you are not yet a member, but would like to be, we encourage you to join here! If you know of others who might benefit from membership, please share the sign-up link.

Happy reading!

Colin Cooke

President and CEO



Mari-Tech Event Spotlight

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Volunteer, Yousra Anwar



Photo of Yousra Anwar courtesy of SNAME


The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) is an internationally recognized non-profit, professional society of over 6,000 members in 95 countries, serving the maritime and offshore industries and their suppliers. SNAME provides a global exchange of knowledge and ideas, provides professional education across the maritime industry, and encourages and sponsors research and development.

Yousra Anwar is a volunteer with SNAME who finds great value in what this community has to offer. She is passionate about learning and about engineering and all things marine. Originally from Egypt, where she obtained a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, she has worked in several Canadian maritime centres and companies and now works for Transport Canada for Environmental Programs & Protection Standards. Following the path of so many others in the Canadian marine sector, she is concurrently continuing her studies at Memorial University for another marine-focused master’s degree. 

Yousra was already introduced to SNAME in Egypt. The SNAME “Principles of Naval Architecture” remains a foundational source for students throughout the world. SNAME now has 42 student sections worldwide with students applying to the annual SNAME design competition, scholarship and award programs. When she came to as a practicing Naval Architect, she started searching for technical and networking events related to her field and was introduced to the SNAME Eastern Canadian Section (ECS).  The members of the SNAME ECS were very welcoming and helped her quickly establish network of contacts in the Canadian marine sector. They also helped her overcome challenges to finding a job in the marine field, including obtaining security clearances.

Yousra firmly believes in what she terms, “Less Talk! Do More!” and from the start she volunteered with the local SNAME section and now works with the new SNAME Canadian Atlantic Section (CAS) leadership team. This includes reconnecting with the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) SNAME student section. She is also on the Planning Committees of the CIMARE led and SNAME supported MARI-TECH 2024 and 2025, and she supports the SNAME Functional Vice President for Knowledge Management and the Planning Committee for the SNAME Maritime Convention 2024 in October 2024 in Norfolk, Virginia.

A memorable moment for Yousra was when she met the SNAME President, Suzanne Beckstoffer, the first female President for any of the major technical societies. Through SNAME, Yoursa was able to meet and work with other strong, successful women in the marine field. Laurie Balan, Vice Chair of SNAME Canadian Atlantic Section is one of these women, as is Mia Hicks, the first woman Marine Engineer to graduate from Canadian Coast Guard College.  On the other end of the career spectrum was meeting emerging leader Paige Bodnar, Memorial University class of 2024, who is on her way to become a successful Naval Architect. Meeting strong and successful women in the marine field is one of things that inspires Yousra.

Come and meet Yousra and the marine technical community friends at Mari-Tech 2024, 14-16 May 2024 in St John’sMari-Tech is a joint effort between SNAME and the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering.

Website Here





Technical Information

Guidelines to Develop and Implement a Safety Management System for Alternative Fuels On Board Ships

In these guidelines, MTF members followed a method to assess these gaps by reviewing ISM Code's Part A implementation for each section, and identifying areas that may be relevant to alternative fuel implementation on board. Industry stakeholders were consulted during the development of these guidelines to strengthen the document with their different sector experiences. The list of these industry stakeholders can be found at the end of this document.

View info Here

All Technical Info Here


Recent News

Canada to Look at New Submarines, and Trudeau Doesn’t Rule Out Nuclear Option

The new defence policy is promising to consider expanding and renewing Canada’s submarine fleet, and nuclear submarines could be part of that discussion.

Naval Québec: A New Identity for the Group Dedicated to the Quebec Marine Industry

At its annual general meeting, the members of the Suppliers Association of Chantier Davie Canada (AFCDC) approved an important change to its corporate name, which will now be Naval Québec. This announcement represents an important step for the naval industry in Quebec. This implies a change in its mission, which will be to promote, support and represent the interests of the companies that make up Quebec's naval supply chain.

DARPA’s Defiant Fully Uncrewed Demonstrator Ship will Hit the Seas Later this Year

Serco’s super efficient and low-cost Defiant could have wide-ranging utility for the US Navy, including working as a missile-laden drone boat.

Build Ferries BC: Action Required for Largest Shipbuilding Contract in B.C.

The BC shipbuilding industry, local trade unions and marine suppliers across Canada have joined forces to help ensure that British Columbia isn’t shut out of BC Ferries New Major Vessels program.

La modernisation de Chantier Davie suit son cours

Depuis l’annonce du gouvernement fédéral, en avril 2023, d’inclure Chantier Davie dans la Stratégie nationale de construction navale (SNCN), il y a lieu de se demander si la modernisation des installations a des retards ou non. Selon la direction de l’entreprise de Lévis, le dossier suit son cours et ne se fait pas dans la précipitation.

Vancouver Island Ship-Breaking Site Hit with Stop-Pollution Order

The company taking apart derelict vessels into Union Bay, B.C., has been hit with a pollution abatement order.  Deep Water Recovery is illegally allowing toxic effluent to run off into Baynes Sound and the marine environment off Vancouver Island's east coast, B.C.'s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has found. 

Airlines, Shippers Pitch Feds on Boosting Sustainable Infrastructure Funding

Airlines and marine shippers have asked Ottawa to beef up funding for sustainable transport, money they hope will flow toward green supply chains and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

Delayed MV Fanafjord Purchase Comes at a Cost

Taxpayers will remain on the hook for potentially millions of dollars in extra federal subsidies to support Northumberland Ferries Ltd  until the permanent replacement for the decommissioned MV Holiday Island is ready for use.

New and Existing Insurance Requirements for Some Vessels

Transport Canada’s bulletin explains new insurance requirements due to changes to the Marine Liability Act which now requires non-seagoing vessels and non-seaborne craft over 1,000 gross tonnage carrying bunker oil must also maintain insurance.

CDS Announces Departmental Plan Spending Reductions

The government will refocus $14.1 billion over five years from organizations and $1.3 billion from enterprise crown corporations.

US Navy Review Exposes Major Shipbuilding Delays in Nine Key Programs

A recent US Navy review has exposed major delays in nine of the service’s key shipbuilding programs, with some of them lagging by as much as three years.

New Association for Maritime Nuclear Created

A global group of companies with a common interest in developing nuclear energy solutions for the maritime sector have launched Nuclear Energy Maritime Organization (NEMO).

Naval and Military Rearmament to Face New Threats Could Cost $10 Trillion

A new era of global rearmament is gathering pace, and it will mean vast costs and some tough decisions for western governments already struggling with shaky public finances.

Japan to Take Part in AUKUS ‘Pillar 2’, America’s Ambassador to Japan Tells Wall Street Journal

Japan is set to participate in the second pillar of the AUKUS pact with Australia, the United Kingdom and United States in the first expansion to date of the defence technology-sharing arrangement. Australia is working to develop nuclear-powered submarines under "Pillar 1" of AUKUS, utilising US and UK technology.

OSI Contracted by BAE, ECPINS to Navigate Cutting-Edge Submarine Classes

OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) has been awarded two contracts with BAE Systems Submarines (BAE). These contracts encompass the ongoing support for Astute Class SSNs and the provision of future navigation capabilities for the UK's Dreadnought Class of SSBNs.

Baltimore Bridge Investigation Targets Ship’s Electrical Failure

Investigators in Baltimore are focusing on the Dali’s electrical power system and its circuit breakers and have called in the ship’s builder, Hyundai Heavy Industries from South Korea, with a preliminary report on this year’s most high-profile shipping accident set to be released in the first week of May. 

More News Here

HMCS Sackville

HMCS Sackville is the last surviving WWII corvette, and she needs your financial support to keep her afloat. These “cheap and nasties” were born out of a need to defend convoys from the German U-boat threat. Like their French naval predecessors, Canadian corvettes were built on an old single-hulled whaler design. We re-plated over the original steel in 2020, however Sackville requires a new hull to remain in the water for posterity.

View Website: Here





Coming Soon


We are pleased to invite all of our members to come join us and participate in our, in-person, CMISA Annual General Meeting again this year. We will be hosting it the evening before Mari-Tech begins as usual.

Date: May 13, 2024

Mari-Tech 2024

This year’s theme is NAVIGATING SUSTAINABLE MARINE TRANSPORTATION. Just as mariners use navigation as a safe means of direction, we too as a larger marine community must ascertain where we are and where we are going in terms of ever-changing challenges facing maritime professionals. The rocks and shoals of increasing competition for diminishing supplies are a challenge we all face, and we have no choice but to navigate.

Date: May 14-16, 2024

Combine Naval Event (CNE) 2024

This is the 11th iteration of this meeting, the third time we have co-located three events, and the second time we have added on our Surface Fleet Technology meeting. It is a pleasure to welcome everyone once more to Farnborough, which with its size and links will be our home for the foreseeable future. We are looking to welcome >1,500 attendees representing >50 nations and >200 companies.

Date: May 21-23, 2024

More Events Here

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Current Procurement Opportunities

Request for Proposal for the Supply of 5 High Speed Electric Ferries for the Mill Cove Ferry Service

The RFP closes on April 18, 2024

Request for Proposal for Radar Module for TZ Pro

The RFP closes on April 22, 2024

Request for Proposal for Spares for Distributed Antenna Subsystem (DAS) (HFX Class Ships)

The RFP closes on April 28, 2024

NEW-Request for Proposal for Tug and Barge Services – Aids to Navigation

The RFP closes on April 29, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Mounts and Gaskets

The RFP closes on May 1, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple VICTORIA-Class Spares: Circuit Card Assembly; Buzzer, Electronic; Sonetics Headband; Connector, Electrical, P Lug, Shell Size; Switch, Push

The RFP closes on May 2, 2024

Request for Proposal for CCGS Cape Roger Docking

The RFP closes on May 7, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Kits

The RFP closes on May 8, 2024

NEW-Request for Proposal for RCN ISTAR UAS

The RFP closes on June 4, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple VICTORIA-Class Spares – Switch Box

The RFP closes on June 17, 2024

Letter of Interest/Request for Information for Marine Procurement Outlook Presentations Mari-Tech 2022

The LOI/RFI closes on December 30, 2024

Request for Proposal for In Water Vessel Cleaning with Capture

The RFP closes on January 30, 2025

Request for Supply Arrangement for Charter Vessels

The RFSA closes on December 31, 2029

Request for Supply Arrangement for Small Vessel Disposal Services

The RFSA closes on March 30, 2029




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Marketing Manager (Remote & PT) - Ship Navigation & Weather

Our company is starting to expand our crowdsourced weather sensors and data to offshore shipping. This has created an opening for a new Marketing Manager, focused in particular on Weather Routing for offshore ships.

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