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On Watch August 11, 2021

On Watch August 11, 2021

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  August 11, 2021


Words from the CEO


This is now our 14th newsletter, and we thank those who have sent us feedback. We are delighted that the newsletter is helpful and interesting to so many of you. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments as we work to improve the newsletter, providing you with sector news, updates, helpful resources and engaging content. We continue to feature members in our Spotlight series, and I find it so encouraging that each edition features yet another accomplished and talented woman in our sector. The fact that so many of our members embrace a diversity of thought and background explains in some part the innovation that is being driven by Canadian companies all over our country and indeed, these are heady and exciting times for our sector. I hope you enjoy reading what Genoa Design International’s Chief Technical Officer Laurie Balan has to say about the very promising future of digital shipbuilding in Canada, and the homegrown talent that is the driving force behind this innovation. If you would like to join our growing number of members and enjoy our attractive member benefits, including original editorial content like these Member Spotlights, please contact and we would be thrilled to get you on board.

Colin Cooke

CEO and President




New Calls for Proposals from the Federal Government’s IDEaS Program 

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program has issued a new call for proposals for the following areas:

  • High Bandwidth, Low Profile: Next Generation Point-to-Point Communication Solutions for the Field
  • Worth a Thousand Sources: A Fused Picture for Continental Surveillance
  • We Sea You: Digital Tracking and Accounting on Navy Vessels
  • Erosion from Motion: Reducing Wear and Tear on Rotary Blades

More information is posted on the National Defence website and Buy and Sell.




Member Spotlight: Genoa Design International
CMISA_GenoaDesignInternational.png     CMISA_LaurieBalan.jpg
Photo of Laurie Balan courtesy of Genoa Design International

Genoa Design International is a fast-growing production design and 3D ship modeling company that is transforming shipbuilding as well as long-term operations and maintenance. As today’s ships and their systems become increasingly complex, being able to experience the vessel in a simulation as a result of the 3D model is an extremely valuable service that saves time, money and much frustration in the real-life construction process as well as lowering risk. Genoa Design is at the forefront of the industry and is pushing the envelope in how production packages can be developed virtually and remotely in all phases of a vessel’s lifecycle, from planning through to training and eventual decommissioning. Genoa brings significant expertise in developing fully integrated digital ships to government initiatives such as the vessels for the National Shipbuilding Strategy in Canada, and to commercial contracts in shipyards throughout North America.

Based in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador, Genoa Design has grown to employ over 240 team members in Mount Pearl, Vancouver, Halifax, and New Orleans. What makes it such an exciting place to work, according to Chief Technology Officer Laurie Balan, is that the company is constantly innovating to stay ahead of developments. In order to do this, Genoa Design values bringing a diversity of skill sets from a wide variety of industries to the table to allow that multiplicity of thought to drive this innovation. Genoa also searches for and supports Canadian companies that stand out and offer new products, services and ways of doing business in order to collaborate. This is integral to building up a new capability and capacity in the marine industry in Canada, and Laurie is delighted to be a driver in this growth.

As a woman in a leadership position of a company in a high-tech role, Laurie is proud to be Genoa Design’s first Chief Technical Officer. A highly experienced marine engineer, Laurie is also focused on giving back and is pleased to help up and coming students open their eyes to the possibilities that the sector affords. She is always eager to learn more, and is impressed at how Genoa Design was able to pivot to create digital collaborative spaces for team members to work in and train during the pandemic. Even recruitment took a novel turn when Genoa Design placed Innovation team candidates in a virtual Escape Room as part of the interview process. The future looks very promising for a data-driven company like Genoa Design, as much of the data that is created is still untapped and will provide value for ship owners throughout the lifecycle of their vessels for years to come. A new member in the Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association, Laurie sees a particular value of the association for Genoa Design in helping to create connections with other innovative companies across the country who, together, will help unlock the potential applications of digital shipbuilding in the future.

Heddle Shipyards Acquires Fabmar Metals in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay – BUSINESS – Heddle Shipyards (Heddle) has announced the acquisition of fabrication, machining, and marine repair specialist Fabmar Metals Inc. (Fabmar).


cmisatwitterreadmore.jpg cmisalinkedinconredamore.jpg cmisareadmroeicon.jpg

Seaspan proposing to build two additional drydocks next to Lonsdale's Shipyards district

Seaspan is looking to build additional ship maintenance and repair capacity on the North Vancouver waterfront, immediately west of their dry dock operations and adjacent to The Shipyards district in Lonsdale.


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Coast Guard to Build Digital Twin for Polar Star

The Coast Guard will make a digital copy of its only — and rapidly aging — heavy icebreaker as part of an effort to extend its service life.


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Schottel Propulsion for Five Turkish-built, Canada-bound Tugs

German propulsion firm Schottel has secured an order to deliver a total of ten rudder propellers and two transverse thrusters for five tugs that will serve the LNG carriers stopping at an LNG export facility in Canada.


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Troubled Naval Shipbuilding Projects Set to Prompt Another Defence Department Shake-Up.

A major overhaul of the Defence Department is looming as government frustration grows over delays and cost blowouts associated with Australia's multi-billion-dollar naval shipbuilding projects.


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RAN's third and final Hobart-class destroyer is ready for operational duty

The Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) third and final Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) returned to Garden Island in Sydney on 30 July following a four-and-a-half month-long deployment to the United States and Canada in which it qualified for operational duty.


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One mission cut short, one cancelled after generator failure aboard CCGS Hudson

The latest mechanical problem aboard Canada's oldest science research vessel forced it to curtail one mission this year, cancel another and raised concerns from onboard scientists about the ship's condition, CBC News has learned.


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BC Ferries' third new battery-electric hybrid ship arrives in Victoria (VIDEO)

The third new Island Class vessel for the BC Ferries fleet arrived at Ogden Point in Victoria last week after making the transatlantic journey on its own power.


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Canada awards in-service support contract for Halifax-class LM2500 gas turbines

Through the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Government of Canada is ensuring the members of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) have safe and effective vessels required to protect Canadian sovereignty, while creating jobs and generating economic benefits for communities across Canada.


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Alliance is Formed to Keep Shipbuilders Safe from Dangerous, Hazardous Work Environments

OSHA and the Shipbuilders Council of America as well as its associate members signed a two-year alliance to protect shipbuilding workers in the Mid-Atlantic region from workplace safety and health hazards. 


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Government of Canada is investing $15 million in two new Small Craft Harbours in Nunavut 

IQALUIT, NU, Aug. 4, 2021 /CNW/ - Canada's Arctic waters are essential to the livelihoods, identity and natural heritage of Inuit communities. The Government of Canada understands the need for safe and accessible harbours for hunters, subsistence harvesters, commercial fishers, and other users in the Arctic.


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After 80 years, HMCS Sackville leaves its legacy…in a graphic novel

One of Halifax’s quieter Harbourfront attractions is finally grabbing the spotlight in a brand new graphic novel.


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