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On Watch Newsletter December 21, 2022 Edition

On Watch December 21, 2022 Edition

December 21, 2022

On Watch Newsletter Edition December 21, 2022 



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From Colin's Desk 



Hello all,

I’m sure that many of you are in the same boat as me, rushing to clear my desk so that I might enjoy some family time over the holiday season. It’s been a very busy time with many in-person workshops and conferences, and it has been a great pleasure to meet so many of you in person. I hope to continue to connect with as many of our sector as possible in the new year and to continue to grow our Association. And if you are not yet a member, but would like to be, we encourage you to sign up here!

We are pleased to rerun our member spotlight featuring welder Leanne Caron of Marine Transportation Services Syncrolift in Hay River, NWT. Leanne is such a great example of women who are leading and succeeding in the marine sector in Canada, and who are changing the face of our industry. We have been so thrilled to bring these stories of exceptional women in exceptional companies forward in our newsletter and are privileged to share them so that our sector can see the benefits that come from more diversity.

If you are reading On Watch for the first time thanks to it being passed along to you, you are welcome to sign up for future editions here –  it’s free and we never share your emails with anyone. We publish our newsletter every two weeks and bring you news, procurement opportunities and features that pertain to our sector. Please take note of our Job Board and a) take advantage of it if your company has an opening and b) send links to friends and family so that we can attract new people into our sector. We all need the help!  

Finally, please note that we will be closing the CMISA office for 2 weeks over the holiday season to recharge our batteries. We would like to wish all our readers and their families a wonderful festive season and a delightful start to the New Year. All our best to you and yours!

Colin Cooke

President and CEO



Member Spotlight

Marine Transportation Services Syncrolift-Hay River NWT

Picture of Leanne Caron










There aren’t all that many folks ‘down south’ who are aware that Canada has a shipyard that is on a water system that empties into the Arctic Ocean. When the Offshore Recruiting Services Inc. (ORSI) presented Leanne Caron with a unique opportunity to work at Hay River, she jumped at it. Leanne is a 25-year old journeyman Red Seal welder, originally from New Brunswick, and is truly a person who is “always up for a challenge”. Working with the team at Marine Transportation Services site on behalf of the Government of the Northwest Territories, is, for Leanne, nothing short of amazing. In her words “it’s perfect!”

The Hay River enterprise is unusual in Canada as it both maintains and operates a fleet of eight shallow draft tugs and some 20 barges used throughout the water systems of the Northwest Territories. Based on the Great Slave Lake, these crafts provide for the lifeblood of the goods needed by numerous communities throughout the territory that are otherwise only reachable by seasonal ice roads or by aircraft. Maintaining this equipment is a challenge as the regular service and upgrade work is typically done in the winter when the waterways are frozen, and the temperatures can reach minus 50 Celsius. “But it’s a dry cold! It’s not so bad!’ says Leanne. The vessels are brought up into the yard by Syncrolift and then transferred to a winter berth where they are worked on by various skilled tradespersons. The work these teams do to make sure everything is in good shape is an essential service that so many people in so many communities rely on for critical shipments.

Leanne loves the place. She is a dynamic young welder who has embraced this career and enjoys every minute of it. She has been working there since October 2021 and is on a rotational cycle where she heads back ‘south’ every two or three months, and so is effectively on site for about 9 months of the year. One thing she truly appreciates in her work environment is the supportive team. A lifelong learner, Leanne has nothing but compliments for the rest of the crew and she continues to learn so much from this positive and supportive group. Additionally, the local community has been welcoming and she is quickly integrating and building lifelong friendships. She has every intention of growing with Marine Transportation Services and supporting their refit programs for many years to come.

As many of the members of our association have attested, attracting, and retaining hard-working skilled trades people like Leanne is more than a challenge. Leanne truly appreciates the profile that CMISA is providing the women in our sector with, and feels they contribute so much in so many ways. When back in New Brunswick, she is part of a group called New Boots, which promotes women in the trades. She is determined to make other women aware of the possibilities and potential of a career such as welding and appreciates the support for women in the trades that groups like CMISA provide. She hopes to help promote skilled trades opportunities to young people, especially young women, to those living in Hay River and throughout the Northwest Territories and welcomes the opportunity to become a mentor and role model. With the professionalism, drive and ‘can do’ attitude we’ve seen in Leanne, we’re pretty sure that you will be seeing much more of her in the years ahead!


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Technical Information

Impact of Manufacturing Tolerances on Propeller Performance

This report evaluates experimental data on the manufacturing tolerances of propellers and the resulting defects, with the conclusion that the current ISO 484 standards needs to be thoroughly evaluated as defects have effects on efficiently, cavitation and noise.

All Technical Info Here


Recent News

SSI Creates More Focused Leadership to Build Toward the Next 30 Years

Having worked together for over 20 years, SSI will transition to a single CEO model with Denis Morais continuing as CEO and Darren Larkins as President and CIO.

Genoa Design Continues Philanthropic Endeavours at the WorkBoat Show

This year, for its annual philanthropic activity, Genoa Design leveraged its presence at the International WorkBoat show to raise funds for a New Orleans non-profit arts group that works with youth by donating for each time booth visitors signed a special poster board highlighting the charity.

2022 Public Opinion Poll: Canadians’ Attitudes Towards Marine Shipping

Clear Seas, in partnership with Angus Reid Institute, has conducted its fourth biennial public opinion study, which shows that a growing number of Canadians are aware of the central role marine shipping plays in their daily lives and their capacity to access goods.

Container Market Collapse Sees First Ships Heading for Scrap

The container market collapse is in full view with ships heading for scrap and other vessels taking the long way back to Asia via the Cape of Good Hope to soak up capacity.

Analysis of Changing Levels of Ice Strengthening (Ice Class) among Vessels Operating in the Canadian Arctic over the Past 30 Years

Climate change is  impacting  sea  ice  extent  and  thickness  in  the  Canadian  Arctic,  creating  an  increase  in  maritime accessibility that may accentuate risks related to ship operations due to a related increase in sea ice mobility. The overall risk to ships operating in regions with mobile sea ice will vary significantly depending on the ice class.

Government Has Spent $4.8 Billion So Far on New Warships – Construction of First Vessel Expected in 2024

The federal government has spent $4.8 billion so far on the new warships it hopes will be built starting in two years. But National Defence has now acknowledged it doesn’t fully know the cost of maintaining and supporting the ships that will replace the navy’s Halifax-class frigates.

Green Marine Magazine, Fall 2022, No. 25

Green Marine has released its second digital edition and 25th issue in celebration of its 15th anniversary; the special edition provides an overview of the maritime industry’s commitment to greater sustainability.

Decarbonisation Report Shows Shipping How to Get Going This Decade

A new report published by the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping urges companies, governments and individuals across the globe to collectively fast-track decarbonisation this decade and outlines actions that lie ahead.

Delivery of First Polar Security Cutter May Slip Into 2027, Coast Guard Warns

The US Coast Guard warns that the delivery of the first polar security cutter will be delayed for several years in part due to ownership changes in the US yard holding the contract.

Royal Canadian Navy Begins Long Process to Replace Victoria-Class Subs

THE CANADIAN PATROL Submarine Project (CPSP), part of the RCN’s Naval Force Development establishment, is actively analyzing the future operating environment to better understand the key capabilities and technologies that will be required of Canada’s next generation submarine.

Canadian Coast Guard’s Historic Research Vessel Heads for Dismantling

R. J. MacIsaac Construction will deconstruct and dispose of the CCGS Hudson, Canada’s sole ocean research vessel that was decommissioned earlier this year.

Port of Vancouver and Stakeholders Testing Low-Emission Technologies

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, together with partners from across the port community, are testing various low- and zero-emission fuels and technologies at the Port of Vancouver, as part of the port authority’s efforts to phase out all port-related emissions by 2050 in support of the Government of Canada’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Cellula Completes Sea Trials for its Imotus-S AUV

Cellula Robotics has successfully completed sea trials of Imotus-S AUV. Imotus-S enables deployed vessels to easily monitor their magnetic and acoustic signature in a timely manner without having to leave station.

Canadian Canoe Museum Gets Ready for its Long-Delayed Portage Across Town

Construction for a new and larger facility for the Canadian Canoe Museum is now underway at a new location at Little Lake and will debut next summer.

More News Here

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Coming Soon

ShipTech Forum 2023-CMISA Members Discount

ShipTech Forum is a conference that is intended to showcase emerging technologies, address a range of marine and shipbuilding issues as well as ship repair and the advantages they provide for growth and export. This event facilitates meaningful dialogue between industry, government and military so as to provide stakeholders with the knowledge and share lessons learned from a technological perspective with the aim to showcase successful investments in cutting-edge technologies.

Date: February 28, 2023

Mari-Tech 2023

Evolution Through Technology and Talent--For thousands of years, people have used the water to transport cargo from one place to another. Naturally, with the advent of new technologies and growing workforce knowledge bases, the maritime industry has evolved significantly. However, as we progress further into the digital era, technology and talent are driving change at a rapidly increasing pace. The industry is not only seeing vast improvements in safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, but also many new opportunities and challenges for further growth.

Date: April 18-20, 2023

Canadian Women in Ocean Industries Leadership (CWOIL) Conference

The Conference will bring together 200+ ocean professionals in the ocean sector, including representation from equity seeking groups: 2SLGBTQ+ community; Indigenous communities; persons with disabilities; and racialized people.  The CWOIL initiative aims to attract, develop and retain a robust, diverse and inclusive talent pipeline that includes women from all origins to enable and accelerate Canadian innovation, research and technology development, and market and export leadership, in ocean industries.

Date: May 9-11, 2023

More Events Here

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Current Procurement Opportunities

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Hose Assembly Set, Non-Metallic

The NPP closes on December 21, 2022

Request for Proposal for 40 HP Outboard Motors

The RFP closes on December. 22, 2022

Request for Supply Arrangement for – Small Boats

The RFSA closes on December 22, 2022

Request for Proposal Gasket Set Special

The RFP closes on January 3, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Valve, Solenoid and Parts Kit, Ball Valve

The RFP closes on January 3, 2023

Request for Proposal for Boat Trailers, Mixed

The RFP closes on January 5, 2023

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Fluid Coolers

The NPP closes on January 6, 2023

NEW-Notice of Proposed Procurement for Valve, Gate

The NPP closes on January 9, 2023

NEW-Notice of Proposed Procurement for Motor/Pump Subassembly, Hydraulic

The NPP closes on January 9, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multi Band Satellite Simulator System

The RFP closes on January 9, 2023

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Valve, Safety Relief

The NPP closes on January 9, 2023

Request for Proposal for Motor/Pump Subassembly, Hydraulic

The RFP closes on January 9, 2023

Request for Proposal for Valve, Gate

The RFP closes on January 9, 2023

Request for Proposal for Deep-Water Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), ROV Pilots, Navigation and Camera Services in Support of Ocean Science for Marine Conservation for DFO Canada

The RFP closes on January 10, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Sounding Set, Sonar

The RFP closes on January 12,2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Valve, Safety Relief

The RFP closes on January 17, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Seals and Pump Replenishment

The RFP closes on January 20, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Communication, Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

The RFP closes on January 23, 2023

NEW-Notice of Proposed Procurement for Spare Parts

The NPP closes on January 25, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Tee, Pipe; Value, Solenoid; Gasket; Switch, Pressure

The RFP closes on January 25, 2023

Request for Proposal for Canadian Inventory Surveys of Marine Spark Ignition Engines, Vessels, and Off-Road Recreational Vehicles

The RFP closes on January 25, 2023

Request for Information for Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) Project in Service Support Virtual Industry Engagement Session

The RFI closes on January 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria Class Spares: Purifiers, Valves, Adapter, and Gaskets

The RFP closes on February 1, 2023

Request for Proposal for the CCGS Martha L. Black Drydock

The RFP closes on February 8, 2023

Request for Proposal for BioFuels Demonstration for Marine Vessels

The RFP closes on February 15, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Valve, Safety Relief, Switch Box

The RFP closes on March 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for In Water Vessel Cleaning

The RFP closes on May 2, 2023

Request for Information for Naval Inshore Support Vessels

The RFI closes on August 1, 2023

Request for Proposal for Disposal of 25 Vessels at Campobello Island

The RFP closes on November 23, 2023

Letter of Interest/Request for Information for Marine Procurement Outlook Presentations Mari-Tech 2022

The LOI/RFI closes on December 30, 2024

Request for Supply Arrangement for Charter Vessels

The RFSA closes on December 31, 2029




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