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On Watch Newsletter January 10, 2024 Edition

On Watch January 10, 2024 Edition

January 10, 2024

On Watch Newsletter Edition January 10,  2024 



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From Colin's Desk 



Hello all,

Welcome to our first edition of On Watch in 2024! We are pleased to continue to provide news, insights, event updates, procurement opportunities and special features to our subscribers. We would like to remind you that we also happily offer advertising at very reasonable rates! Please consider helping us out while getting in front of some 1500 very engaged readers from every corner of the country. I hope you enjoy this edition and please do send any suggestions you may have our way.

We are delighted to see the mentions of several of our members in the news this edition and you’ll also notice an article on the first all-woman tugboat crew making a historic run up the coast of British Columbia. We have featured many talented and accomplished women at all levels of our member companies in our Member Spotlights over the years. The feedback has been tremendous, particularly in how important it is to showcase the opportunities and role models for women in a sector where women have traditionally been underrepresented.

As an association, we are proud to shine a light on the remarkable women who are making a difference through these spotlights and any relevant news articles. If any members are interested in a Spotlight, with its unique editorial content, please let us know and we would be happy to arrange an interview and write up the feature. If you are not yet a member, but would like to be, we encourage you to join here! If you know of others who might benefit from membership, please share the sign-up link.

Happy reading, and here’s to a great year for all of us!

All the best to everyone!

Colin Cooke

President and CEO



Upcoming Event Spotlight

2024 Events




2024 will be a busy year for events, and we look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible in-person. Please watch our Events section of our website for a full listing.

Some key events (not an exhaustive list to be sure!) to bookmark are:

Shiptech Forum 2024

February 27,2024, the Westin, Ottawa, ON

Canadian Naval Maintenance Symposium / Symposium canadian sure la maintenance navale

March 26, 2024, Alt Quartier DIX30, Brossard, QC

CMISA Annual General Meeting

May 13, 2024, St. John’s Convention Centre, St. John’s, NL

Mari-Tech 2024

May 14-16, 2024, St. John’s Convention Centre, St. John’s, NL

Cansec 2024

May 29-30, 2024, EY Centre, Ottawa, ON

Greentech 2024

June 5-7, 2024, Halifax Convention Centre, Halifax, NS

MASS 2024

July 17-19, 2024, St. John's, NL

SMM 2024

September 3-6, 2024, Hamburg, Germany

Canadian Ferry Association 2024 Conference and Trade Show

September 8-10, 2024, Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, Halifax, NS

DEFSEC Atlantic 2024

October 1-3, 2024, Halifax convention Centre, Halifax, NS

ABCMI Business Opportunities Conference & Trade Show

October 31-November 1, 2024, Vancouver Convention Centre, BC

International WorkBoat 2024

November 12-14, 2024, New Orleans, USA

Website Here





Technical Information

Ship Safety Bulletin

This bulletin gives general information about the Vessel Construction and Equipment Regulations and related standards. The Regulations and standards came into force on December 20, 2023.

View Bulletin Here


All Technical Info Here


Recent News

Culinary Advancements Below the Surface: COTA Aviation Leads Submarine Galley Upgrade for Canada

COTA Aviation, partnering with CMISA member Smart Galley Designs, Dawich Technical Solutions and Babcock Canada Inc. has secured a highly competitive bid to revolutionize the galley facilities aboard Canada’s Victoria-Class Submarines.

Heddle Shipyards Re-Brands into Ontario Shipyards

Canada’s Heddle Shipyards, which operates three shipyards on the Great Lakes, has rebranded. On January 1, it became Ontario Shipyards, saying that the name change has been made to reflect the next phase of the company’s growth and future success.

Lloyd’s Register Grants Approval to Canadian Recycling Facility in Accordance with Hong Kong Convention

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has certified Nova Scotia recycling facility, R.J. MacIsaac Ltd. (RJMI), according to the requirements of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (Hong Kong Convention). A first in Canada.

CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier Arrives at Vancouver Drydock for Extensive Refit Project

CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier arrived at Seaspan’s Vancouver Drydock  in North Vancouver in November to undergo an extensive 6-month long refit through April 2024 –  one of the biggest projects the Vancouver Drydock team has taken on in recent years.

Navy Commander ‘Confident’ in Ability to Meet Commitments Despite Sailor Shortage

Even with personnel shortages, Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee is confident in the Royal Canadian Navy’s ability to meet its commitments.

Sea Change’: All-Women Tugboat Crew Makes Historic Christmas Run Up B.C. Coast

Two women who have known each other since elementary school made up what is believed to be B.C.’s first all-women tugboat crew on a trip from Prince Rupert to Stewart a few days before Christmas. Captain Hailey McIntyre and Ocean Rutherford are believed to be the first all-women tugboat crew in B.C., as well as the first in SAAM Towage’s 70-year history.

2023 in Review: A Transformative Year for Shipping and Maritime

In the maritime realm, 2023 has been a year marked by transformative projects and announcements, on both the regulatory side, ship designing, and shipbuilding front as well as demand signals for the production of alternative fuels. Amidst geopolitical turbulences in the Middle East, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the lingering aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the maritime industry has demonstrated unwavering resilience in the face of continuous black swan events.

Québécois Craftmanship Supporting Canada’s Navy: Rousseau Metal Inc.

Rousseau Metal Inc. has a longstanding partnership with Irving Shipbuilding as an active member of the supply chain, both on vessels and dockside. Rousseau’s built-for-purpose workstations, cabinets, and shelving products are featured in Canada’s new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and in the Halifax-class frigates currently serving the Royal Canadian Navy. 

BC Maritime Industries Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Grant Program

The Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI) is the official provider of the BC Maritime Industries Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Grant Program. This program will invest up to $25 million in non-repayable funding for projects that modernize, scale and increase regional capabilities and capacity for small vessel construction and either boat and ship dry dock or, overhaul, refit, maintenance and repair infrastructure in British Columbia. The deadline is January 30th.

First Ship in Seaspan LNG Bunkering Trio is in the Water

North Vancouver, B.C., based Seaspan Energy is celebrating the new year with the launch of the first of three 7,600 cubic meter LNG bunkering vessels, the Seaspan Garibaldi, named after Mount Garibaldi, or “Nch’ḵay̓” as the Squamish Nation has known it for thousands of years. Vard Marine Canada was very involved in ensuring emissions and noise will be as minimal as possible.

The Future of the Great Lakes Economy: Ontario’s Marine Transportation Strategy

On December 1st, Transport Canada announced the creation of the Green Shipping Corridor Program and launched a call for proposals under the program.

Update on the Red Sea Attacks and Evolving Defence Procurement

This podcast (beginning around the 21-minute mark) features a chat about defence procurement and the NSS with Simon Page, ADM (Mat) Defence and Marine Procurement at Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Manitoba Shipping Company Signs Agreement with Hudbay Minerals to Ship Products through Port of Churchill

An Indigenous-owned company in Manitoba has reached an agreement with a mining company to transport minerals to the Port of Churchill in order to access international markets. Arctic Gateway Group announced Monday it reached an agreement with Hudbay Minerals Inc. to ship zinc concentrate through the port.

The Admirals’ Medal

Established in 1985 in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the Naval Service of Canada, the Admirals’ Medal is bestowed upon individuals to recognize the advancement of maritime affairs in Canada. The 2023 recipient is Captain David (Duke) Snider, FNI, FRGS.

Navy firefighting facility at CFB Halifax undergoes key lifecycle upgrades

A 20-year-old training facility at CFB Halifax is getting the upgrades it requires to continue providing critical support to the Royal Canadian Navy.

More News Here

HMCS Sackville

HMCS Sackville is the last surviving WWII corvette, and she needs your financial support to keep her afloat. These “cheap and nasties” were born out of a need to defend convoys from the German U-boat threat. Like their French naval predecessors, Canadian corvettes were built on an old single-hulled whaler design. We re-plated over the original steel in 2020, however Sackville requires a new hull to remain in the water for posterity.

View Website: Here





Coming Soon

DDNC/DAIR Indigenous Inclusivity Event

For SMEs & Larger Organizations, Interest Groups, Diverse Groups, Government Agencies, Individuals. DDNC in collaboration with DAIR is pleased to offer a three-part program: Main Event, a workshop and a follow‑up session on this important topic. Featuring Nurdan Tokoz – Change Management Expert – Nurdanpinar Solutions for Human Performance

Date: January 25, 2024

Webinar with the U.S. Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate, Small Business & Industry Engagement Program Office

Join the Trade Commissioner Service at the Canadian Consulate in Boston for a presentation from the U.S. Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate, Small Business & Industry Engagement Program Office. The Acquisition Directorate team will provide an overview of their organization and how Canadian companies can engage with them.

Date: January 30, 2024

ShipTech Forum

The ShipTech Forum is a conference that is intended to showcase emerging technologies, address a range of marine and shipbuilding issues as well as ship repair and the advantages they provide for growth and export. The theme this year will be ‘Pushing Fleets Beyond Designated Life

Date: February 27, 2024

Canadian Naval Maintenance Symposium/Symposium canadien sur la maintenance navale

Dive into the heart of innovation at the Canadian Naval Maintenance Symposium, the must-attend event of the year for all stakeholders in the naval maintenance ecosystem. This event will bring together the brightest minds in the industry, forward-thinking companies, major stakeholders, and showcase the latest technological advancements.

Date: March 26, 2024

More Events Here

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Current Procurement Opportunities

Request for Proposal for SMP – Spares – Spacer Ring 

The RFP closes on January 11, 2024 

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Mount, Resilient, Utility, Weapon System; Mount, Resilient, Utility: Nonmetallic Channel; Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equipment 

The RFP closes on January 11, 2024

Request for Proposal for Transmitter, Temperature, Electrical Resistance

The RFP closes on January 12, 2024

NEW-Request for proposal for Valve, Globe

The RFP closes on January 12, 2024

NEW-Request for Proposal for AOPS Towing Gear

The RFP closes on January 12, 2024

NEW-Request for Proposal for Princecraft E-Pontoon Boat

The RFP closes on January 15, 2024

NEW-Request for proposal for Swivel Joint, Hydraulic

The RFP closes on January 15, 2024

Request for Proposal for SMP – Spares - Brake 

The RFP closes on January 16, 2024 

Request for Proposal for Nozzle, Distribution, Water

The RFP closes on January 18, 2024

Request for Proposal for Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-Emulsion 

The RFP closes on January 18, 2024 

Request for Proposal for Valve, Butterfly

The RFP closes on January 18, 2024

Request for Proposal for Switch, Liquid Level 

The RFP closes on January 18, 2024 

NEW-Request for proposal for PRV III CGE411 Docking Refit

The RFP closes on January 18, 2024

NEW-Request for proposal for Salish Sea Plankton Survey – Multi-Day Vessel Charter

The RFP closes on January 19, 2024

Request for Proposal for Parts, Switches, Accessories, Hardware

The RFP closes on January 22, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Bracket Locking Bolt; Locking Bolt; Pin Toggle, Eye Collar; Tailshaft Assembly 

The RFP closes on January 25, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Valves and Glands 

The RFP closes on January 26, 2024 

NEW-Request for Proposal for Shearwater Marine Assets Demolition and Disposal

The RFP closes on January 26, 2024

NEW-Request for proposal for Beacons and Lanterns (RFSO)

The RFP closes on January 26, 2024

Request for Proposal for Pump Unit, Centrifugal

The RFP closes on January 29, 2024

NEW-Request for proposal for RFI-B Mid-Shore Multi-Mission (MSMM)

The RFP closes on January 30, 2024

NEW-Request for Proposal for Hosting Services of Ocean Navigator Instance for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans

The RFP closes on January 31, 2024

Request for Information for Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) Project In Service Support Third Virtual Industry Engagement Session

The RFI closes on January 31, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares

The RFP closes on February 9, 2024

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Switch Box

The RFP closes on March 22, 2024

Letter of Interest/Request for Information for Marine Procurement Outlook Presentations Mari-Tech 2022

The LOI/RFI closes on December 30, 2024

Request for Supply Arrangement for Charter Vessels

The RFSA closes on December 31, 2029




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