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On Watch July 28, 2021

On Watch July 28, 2021

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  July 28, 2021


Words from the CEO


Welcome to our latest On Watch newsletter. This edition contains a number of items to explore, including a notification of upcoming Calls for Proposals from the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program. Several of these will be of interest to our marine sector. Seaspan Shipyards Innovation has issued a call for participation in their HoloShip Initiative. The past two weeks have also seen a large number of Government of Canada procurement notices for marine sector procurement opportunities, which we have gathered and listed in the Resources section of this newsletter. We are thrilled to feature Heddle Shipyard’s Chelsea Davis in our Member Spotlight. Heddle is one of our earliest members, and it is inspiring to hear from one of the many young, dynamic and innovative team members that Heddle has hired recently to help drive its rapid growth.

So many of our members have mentioned that the newsletter is a great way to share information and learn more about what is happening in the sector. As the newsletter continues to grow and mature, we want to point out that there are attractive advertising opportunities here to increase your visibility to the entire marine sector across Canada. Please reach out to us at and we will provide you with the media kit.

While many of us are enjoying these warm days of summer and the opening up of our communities and social circles as the pandemic recedes, I do want to acknowledge that many Canadians are facing incredible danger and hardship with the devastating wildfires in the west. Please stay safe everyone.

Colin Cooke

CEO and President




Upcoming Calls for Proposals for IDEaS Funding

The Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program is launching six new challenges under Competitive Projects in the upcoming weeks, in the following areas:

  • Worth a thousand sources: A fused picture for continental surveillance
  • We Sea You: Digital tracking and accounting on navy vessels
  • Erosion from Motion: Reducing wear and tear on rotary blades
  • Wireless is where it’s at: Secure and Seamless Wireless Network Onboard Ships
  • High Bandwidth, Low Profile: Next generation point-to-point communication solutions for the field
  • Less GHGs on the Seas: Practical solutions to measure and record energy consumption

Watch the IDEaS website for updates


Seaspan Shipyards Releases Expression of Interest in the HoloShip Initiative

Seaspan Shipyards is issuing a call to participate with an Expression of Interest (EOI) in our HoloShip Initiative. The HoloShip Initiative is intended to build independent and integrated solutions that accelerate the market potential from digital twins, digital threads, integrated analytics and real-time sensing for improved competitiveness in the marine industry.

We invite participation from the wider marine and digital communities in an Expression of Interest as the first phase of a two-phase process. Selected project concepts from the EOI phase will be invited to submit a full proposal. One or more projects will be selected for funding up to a maximum cumulative total of $2.4M. Pending interest from the community and available funding, additional calls for participation may be issued at a later date. This initiative is being developed under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy’s Value Proposition program.

The HoloShip Initiative Expression of Interest Guidelines and Template can be found at:

Expressions of Interest must be submitted no later than 14:00 Pacific Daylight Time on Friday August 6, 2021 via Email to

This is a Canada-wide, public call for participation and Seaspan welcomes the sharing of this notice with colleagues and partners in your network. A related post will also be made on Seaspan’s social media feeds.




Member Spotlight: Heddle Shipyards
CMISA_HeddleShipyards.png     CMISA_ChelseaDavis.jpg
Image of Chelsea Davis courtesy of Heddle Shipyards

With the largest number of shipyards and dry docks in Canada, Heddle Shipyards is an exciting place to work these days. In Ontario alone, Heddle operates three shipyards and six dry docks to service vessels throughout the Great Lakes, and it has facilities on the East Coast as well. Heddle offers ship repair and maintenance, as well as vessel lifecycle services, and works on commercial and government ships for clients such as the Canadian Coast Guard. Heddle’s services are mobile and flexible, able to service remote areas in the Canadian Arctic, where very few companies can provide vessels the immediate support they may require.

Chelsea Davis, a project engineer, discusses what makes Heddles such a unique place to work. The yard is bringing in young and enthusiastic team members like herself, while keeping all the experience gained from the 44 years that Heddle has been in business. A graduate of Memorial University’s Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering program, Chelsea grew up in Newfoundland and always wanted to work close to water. As more and more women are entering the field – 40% of Chelsea’s class was female – working in a high-tech career in the marine industry was a good choice for her, and she’s thrilled that her sister is now following in her footsteps.

Chelsea is excited to apply her knowledge at Heddle as the yard grows to take on more commercial business in the Great Lakes and beyond while increasingly doing projects for the government through the National Shipbuilding Strategy. She works out of the Port Weller Dry Dock, by the historic Welland Canal, an area that is currently being revitalized as Heddle brings in more and more ships, and in her three years there has seen Heddle’s team almost double. Being a member of the Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association helps Chelsea by providing her with connections, news and resources during this invigorating time of rapid growth in shipbuilding in Canada.

'Not every town would take this on': Marystown model ship museum sets sail

Marystown has long been the centre of ship building in Newfoundland and Labrador and there is optimism in the town that a new museum will help anchor that reputation. 

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Atlantic Towing selects Vard Electro for implementation of battery technology to reduce Green House Gas emissions

Vard Electro has announced the award of the contract for an innovative hybrid battery power system with Atlantic Towing to be integrated on their vessel Atlantic Shrike, according to the company's release. 

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Feds doling out $1.5M for removal of 18 derelict boats from B.C., Atlantic coasts

The federal government has plans to dole out $1.5-million for the removal of 32 abandoned boats along Canada’s coastline, including more than a dozen in British Columbia.

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Royal Canadian Navy to start process of replacing aging submarine fleet

The Royal Canadian Navy is launching its long-anticipated push to replace Canada‘s beleaguered submarine fleet, setting the stage for what will almost certainly be an extremely controversial debate around the need for such vessels.

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The Future HMCS Margaret Brooke, Canada's Second Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) in the new DeWolf Class is Delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, July 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The future HMCS Margaret Brooke is the first Canadian combat ship to be named for a woman and was delivered today in a ceremony at the Royal Canadian Dockyard in Halifax.

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Public Services And Procurement Canada Signs Contract For 30 New Multirole Boats

Under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) signed a $35 million contract on behalf of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) for 30 fast, safe and agile MRBs designed and made by a Delta, British Colombia company named Zodiac Hurricane Technologies (ZHT).

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Maritime Commercial Incidents and Accidents

Clear Seas conducted this project to provide a more complete understanding of the marine incidents and accidents that have occurred in, or close to, Canadian waters. 

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Wärtsilä tests pure hydrogen/ammonia engines

Finland-based technology group Wärtsilä has performed several full-scale engine tests running on ammonia and hydrogen as part of its new net-zero test program.

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Study: Canada's oceans and the economic contribution of marine sectors, 2014 to 2018

Canada has the longest coastline in the world, and its marine sectors make a significant contribution to provincial, regional and national economies. In 2016, 14% of Canada's population lived within 10 km of the coast. 

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Strategic and Operational Considerations for Canadian Naval Shipbuilding

Recent opinion pieces in Canadian media, perhaps most vocally by former Assistant Deputy Minister (Material) Alan Williams, have painted bleak pictures of the Canadian navy's future: its new warships cost twice as much as reasonable alternatives, the shipyard responsible for their construction should be up for rebidding (including overseas proposals) to ensure more competitive bids, and the ships' operational costs would bankrupt DND for decades to come.

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Canadian government announces money for northern marine search and rescue

Canada’s federal government announced $1.5 million for marine safety infrastructure for several Inuit-based organizations this week.

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