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On Watch Newsletter May 24, 2023 Edition

On Watch May 24, 2023 Edition

May  24, 2023

On Watch Newsletter Edition May 24,  2023 



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From Colin's Desk 



Hello all,

Welcome to another edition of On Watch, and if the volume and variety of news articles is any indication, our sector is hopping! With Canada’s largest defence and security trade show, CANSEC 2023, on the horizon, I hope to connect with many of our members and subscribers while there. Please do reach out and contact me if you would like to meet.

In this edition we are pleased to re-run the member spotlight about our long-standing newsletter advertiser, Nauticomp. The interview with long-time employee Doris Holden also highlights the inroads that women are making in a traditionally male-dominated sector, and the importance of companies like Nauticomp that see the great value in a diverse workforce and so actively work to create an inclusive and supportive work environment. We are very pleased to highlight the many innovations of our members in On Watch. If you are not yet a member, but would like to be, we encourage you to join here! If you know of others who might benefit from membership, please share the sign-up link.

We are pleased to welcome two new members. Elkon Inc., specialists in innovative power and control systems, and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, provider of digital manufacturing technologies through intelligence software solutions. 

As you may have noticed, our job board is now self-serve and far less expensive! You are now able to post opportunities online without having to coordinate it with anyone. And due to that change, we are now able to reduce the cost to $49 per job per month for members and $99 for non-members. Please give it a try and let us know of any feedback. We are here to help. You will find the link here.

If you are reading this for the first time thanks to it being passed along to you, you are welcome to sign up for future editions here –  it’s free and we never share your emails with anyone. We publish our newsletter every two weeks and bring you news, procurement opportunities and features that pertain to our sector. Please take note of our Job Board and a) take advantage of it if your company has an opening and b) send links to friends and family so that we can attract new people into our sector. We all need the help!  

Finally, if you would like to provide us with feedback and input into items you would like to see covered in this newsletter, or if you would like us to create a unique member spotlight of your company, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Colin Cooke

President and CEO



Member Spotlight

Nauticomp Inc.



Photo of Doris Holden Courtesy of Nauticomp

Nauticomp is a small, highly specialized Canadian company that produces marine displays and monitors built to withstand the harshest of marine environments.  There are not many companies that can provide this level of sophisticated display in Canada or abroad, and business continues to grow for Nauticomp, who are expanding to include cruise ships, commercial vessels, and yachts on top of working with both the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard already. For a small company, this growth is quite an achievement and speaks volumes to the value customers get from Nauticomp.

And while the Nauticomp displays are of exceptional quality, what really stands out for clients is the support and service provided, according to long-term Nauticomp team member Doris Holden. Customer support is very important to the team, and as soon as a customer calls, someone is there to assist them. The team spends a lot of time developing custom solutions for clients. Following this, their support extends across the country, and it’s not unheard of for someone to jump on a plane to go help a client. Service like this goes a long way to alleviate any stress that clients may be experiencing, who appreciate the reliability of the products and the impressive response when they have questions.

Doris, like others on the team, enjoys the work environment and the feeling of family at Nauticomp. It’s a very flexible work environment, and, as Doris puts it, “People wonder why I love my job so much. I’ve been here for a long time, and I see all the extras that my colleagues do that no one knows about. Everyone here gives 100% effort and are so engaged; it really makes a difference.”

In an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men, Doris feels her perspective and insights are valued by the open-minded management at Nauticomp. There is balance in the discussions and approaches to solving problems, and the respectful environment has allowed her to thrive. As there are now more and more talented women entering the sector, Doris is full of admiration for how hard they have worked to get where they are and how they are taking advantage of the exciting opportunities that are opening up everywhere.

For a small company like Nauticomp, being part of CMISA allows them to connect with the wider marine sector and to increase their exposure. “It’s really fantastic to make these connections, and for other Canadian companies to learn more about what we do right here in Canada,” Doris explains. “We value our membership and the fact that it puts us out there more.” As their business continues to grow, we expect to hear a lot more from Nauticomp in the very near future.

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Technical Information

Siemens-White Paper: Getting Started with Ship Lifecycle Management

Shipbuilding companies implement product lifecycle management (PLM) systems to provide their diverse and widely dispersed enterprises with access to a single source of product and process knowledge. Once a PLM system is in place, shipbuilding companies can leverage this knowledge to improve productivity, reduce ship design and engineering costs as well as operational expenses, facilitate global collaboration and provide the visibility needed for better business decision-making. This white paper from Siemens identifies the best-practice capabilities that a PLM system should provide to facilitate these fundamental business needs.

All Technical Info Here


Recent News


Agreement Paves the Way for Escort Tugs, Oil Spill Response

Kotug Interntional’s Canadian joint venture will provide two escort tugs and an oil spill response vessel for an expanded tanker shipping route and terminal in British Columbia. The hulls are covered with GIT's innovative hull coating to reduce noise and improve efficiency.

15,000 Ships to be Scrapped by 2032

A large wave of aging ships is heading for recycling with the average age of the global merchant fleet getting older amid a period of growing green regulations.

The Launch-Holyrood Facility Opens Doors to Ocean Innovation, Education and Collaboration

The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University opened The Launch, a state-of-the-art marine living lab that offers a safe, reliable, near-Arctic environment to test new technology, train in harsh conditions and explore the next advancements in ocean research.

Kootenay Lake Ferry Completion Pushed Back to Late 2023, Service Begins 2025

The new Kootenay Lake ferry will not be in service until 2025 due to various challenges arising from the pandemic, global supply chain issues and the impacts of geopolitical events.

Costs Rise for B.C. Ferries Fleet-Maintenance Facility Upgrade

B.C. Ferries is asking for extra money to pay for the escalating cost of redeveloping its fleet maintenance unit in Richmond. The company says it can’t reveal the amount because the work is subject to a competitive bidding process.

Canadian Coast Guard Ships Martha L. Black and Leonard J. Cowley’s Vessel Life Extension Contracts Awarded

Verreault Navigation Inc. (Ocean Group) and Newdock have been awarded contracts at the value of $31.5 million and $29.7 million to complete vessel life extension work on the CCGS Martha L. Black and CCGS Leonard J. Cowley.

Canada’s MarineLabs Launches First Scalable Ocean Data Camera

British Columbia-based ocean technology startup, MarineLabs Data Systems, has launched its new scalable, end-to-end ocean camera.

Setting Sail for Growth Means More Jobs in B.C.’s Marine Industries

A new B.C. Maritime Industries Strategy will chart the course for a more competitive, modernized marine sector with reduced carbon emissions, and creating more highly skilled jobs to meet growing demands.

The Atlantic Vision Ferry at the Shipyard in Les Méchins

The ferry Atlantic Vision, a Marine Atlantic passenger ship operating between Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador, and North Sydney, Nova Scotia, was at the Ocean Group shipyard for maintenance and repair.

ABS Uses Simulation and Modeling to Tackle Ammonia’s Safety Challenge

In a pioneering safety development, ABS is using advanced modeling and simulation technologies to develop emergency response methods to assist ports and crew in responding to ammonia leaks or spills.

Titanic: First Ever Full-Sized Scans Reveal Wreck as Never Seen Before

The first full-sized digital scan of the Titanic, which lies 3,800m (12,500ft) down in the Atlantic, has been created using deep-sea mapping. It provides a unique 3D view of the entire ship, enabling it to be seen as if the water has been drained away.

Korea Eyes Submarine Deal with Canada

A planned summit between President Yoon Suk Yeol and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is prompting speculation over a potential submarine deal between Korea and Canada as Ottawa plans to replace its aging submarines.

No Delivery Date as Timeline for New US Coast Guard Icebreaker Continues to Slip

The US Coast Guard does not currently have a date for completion of the new heavy icebreaker. Compounding delays could push delivery toward the end of this decade, or possibly beyond.

Taking a New Look at Fundamental Tech for Quiet Undersea Propulsion

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency announced the Principles of Undersea Magnetohydrodynamic Pumps program that seeks to create novel electrode materials.

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Discussion Paper: Marine Pollution Preparedness, Response and Recovery  (MPPRR)

The deadline to submit a formal written response to the MPPRR is May 31st, 2023. This deadline is fast approaching and we want your feedback on some key questions to help develop a new coordinated framework for marine pollution incidents. In January, the Government of Canada posted a Discussion Paper that contains a proposal to develop a national coordinated system to prepare for, respond to and recover from marine pollution incidents that involve oil and/or hazardous and noxious substances.

Date: May 31, 2023


CANSEC showcases leading-edge technology, products and services for land-based, naval, aerospace and joint forces military units. This two-day event is the largest and most important defence industry trade show in Canada.

Date: May 31-June 1, 2023

ORCA 2023

ORCA 2023 is an opportunity to showcase the diversity of the Canadian ocean community, providing a platform for sharing information, networking, building on existing collaborations and establishing new partnerships. ORCA 2023 programming will include a mix of presentations, panels, thematic workshops, information and training sessions, and scientific programming to increase Ocean Decade awareness and to support Canada’s contribution to the Ocean Decade.

Date: June 1-2, 2023

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Current Procurement Opportunities


NEW-Request for Proposal for 6 Passenger Marine Craft

The RFP closes on May 25, 2023

Request for Proposal for Gear Operator, Valve

The RFP closes on May 26, 2023

Request for Proposal for Valve/Diaphragm

The RFP closes on May 30, 2023

Request for Proposal for Boat Trailers

The RFP closes on May 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Cartridge, Stop-Check Valve; Valve Assembly, Sole; Valve Butterfly; Gage, Differential Dial Indicating

The RFP closes on May 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure

The RFP closes on May 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for Valve, Safety Relief

The RFP closes on May 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for Small Vessel Disposal Services

The RFP closes on May 31, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Wood Boat Construction Materials

The RFP closes on June 1, 2023

Request for Proposal for NSN 5340-12-3172016 Strapping

The RFP closes on June 2, 2023

Request for Proposal for Buoy Services – Nova Scotia

The RFP closes on June 2, 2023

Request for Proposal for LED Lamps

The RFP closes on June 2, 2023

Request for Proposal for Rock Crab Trap Survey Vessel Charter

The RFP closes on June 5, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple VICTORIA Class Spares: Pumps, Probes, and Kits

The RFP closes on June 5, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Charter Boat Mission Mackerel Egg

The RFP closes on June 6, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Tetrafluoroethane

The RFP closes on June 9, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for GSIN 53 Packaging, Bolt Impeller

The RFP closes on June 9, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares, Electric Wire, Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Coil Kit

The RFP closes on June 15, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Valve, Gate

The RFP closes on June 16, 2023

Request for Proposal for Centralized Control and Alarm Monitoring Systems (CCAMS) for Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels (MSPV) of CCG

The RFP closes on June 16, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Shipboard Confined Space Examination

The RFP closes on June 21, 2023

Note: This Challenge Notice is issued under the Innovative Solutions Canada Program (ISC) Call for Proposals 003 (EN578-20ISC3). For general ISC information, Bidders can visit the ISC website.

Request for Proposal for Improved Galley for Victoria-Class Submarines

The RFP closes on June 27, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Cables, Webbing Assemblies, Case Assemblies, Control Units

The RFP closes on June 28, 2023

Request For Supply Arrangement – Small Boats

The RFP closes on June 30, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Hardware, Abrasives, Bearings, and Valves

The RFP closes on July 6, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Switch Box

The RFP closes on August 8, 2023

Request for Information for Naval Inshore Support Vessels

The RFI closes on September 1, 2023

Request for Proposal for Disposal of 25 Vessels at Campobello Island

The RFP closes on November 23, 2023

Letter of Interest/Request for Information for Marine Procurement Outlook Presentations Mari-Tech 2022

The LOI/RFI closes on December 30, 2024

Request for Supply Arrangement for Charter Vessels

The RFSA closes on December 31, 2029








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