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On Watch May 19, 2021

On Watch May 19, 2021



  May 19, 2021


Words from the CEO

cmisapresidentimg-jan272021.jpgWelcome to another edition of On Watch, and we hope that all is well with our subscribers across the country and as well as internationally. We are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel after a challenging year and a bit of the global pandemic and as our member companies head into summer time operations in support of our ships and waterways. This edition features our member, Duke Marine, with an interview with Vice-President of Recruitment, Kelly von Raesfeld, another emerging female leader in Canada’s marine sector. CMISA is pleased to champion the diversity, innovation and success stories of our members in these features. For more information on membership and member benefits, please contact and we would be thrilled to add your voice to our strong, cross-sectoral association.

Happy reading, and please feel free to pass this newsletter on to your colleagues and contacts and be sure to scroll down to the bottom to check out the latest Government of Canada marine procurement opportunities.

Colin Cooke


Member Spotlight: Duke Marine
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Photo of Kelly van Raesfeld, courtesy of Duke Marine Technical Services

Duke Marine Technical Services is not your usual recruitment firm. Specializing in providing clients with top engineering and design talent in the marine sector, Duke Marine goes the extra mile (and let’s make that a nautical mile!) to assist clients each step of the recruitment process and at all levels, from entry level to executive. What Duke values, says Vice-President of Recruitment Kelly von Raesfeld, is relationships. She understands well the passion that exists in the marine industry, as she says, “I love what I do, and it’s so rewarding to help people find careers in the industry and to help them thrive.” Kelly’s own background in the education sector was a natural fit for recruitment as she was able to transfer her desire to build partnerships and relationships in order to help people.

Duke Marine was founded 20 years ago by Sonia Logue and her father, John. At first the company focussed on the oil and gas industry, but soon pivoted to shipbuilding in part to bring Canadians back home to an industry that was starting to flourish. There has never been a more exciting time for the shipbuilding business in Canada, and Duke is proud to help staff projects such as the Royal Canadian Navy’s Joint Support Ships and the newly announced Polar Icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard. With changing requirements that reflect better Canadian values, Kelly sees more and more companies wanting to diversity their workforces. Duke is proud of being 100% Canadian as well as female-owned and operated, and has been particularly progressive in working with and promoting women, members of Indigenous communities, and transitioning military members to support the very best talent in the industry.

A company that understands family, and the desire for marine careers that often runs in families, Duke now sees the children of some of their first clients coming to Duke to help them find careers in the sector. Clearly the relationships that Duke forges run deep, and the full support that candidates receive is something that they remember and value. Duke appreciates membership in the Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association for the networking and connecting with existing and new clients, and for the leadership role that President Sonia Logue plays as a member of CMISA’s Board of Directors. As Duke thrives and looks to expansion in the larger defence sector, new industries and in international circles, the investment in relationships and the approach to developing partnerships becomes vital.


Canada- Denmark Virtual Defence Partnering Days June 15-17

Pre-registration is open for a virtual workshop and matchmaking session for Canadian companies interested in opportunities in Denmark or to partner with Danish companies for Canadian opportunities. 


Call for Nominations 

CMISA will be holding an AGM on June 25. All members who are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please check our website for nominations procedure.

Scottish Researchers See 15% Fuel Savings From New Rudder Design

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland have developed a new rudder design that they claim can deliver fuel savings of 15% in calm waters.

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US Approves $1.7 billion Aegis Missile Defence Sale to Canada

WASHINGTON ― The U.S. State Department has approved the potential sale to NATO member and ally Canada of four Lockheed Martin-made Aegis missile defense systems valued at up to $1.7 billion, the Pentagon announced Monday.

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N.L. Firm’s Battery-Powered Fishing Boat Wins $500K Efficiency Competition

A marine engineering company based in Newfoundland and Labrador has won the grand prize of $500,000 in a federal government competition to design a more full-efficient inshore fishing boat in Atlantic Canada.

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Cannibalized Parts, Systems that Sailors Can’t Fix: LCS Maintenance Woes Could Get Worse, Watchdog Warns.

When they first started filling the surface fleet’s ranks 13 years ago, the Navy’s littoral combat ships were billed as agile, efficient vessels capable of taking on a variety of missions.

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EU Directive Will TurboCharge Maritime Venture Capital While US Falls Far Behind -- gCaptain

The European Union and the European Investment Bank Group, today said they will increase their cooperation and investment in the maritime “blue” economy. 

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Mayflower: Ship to Sail Across Atlantic Without a Crew

A fully autonomous ship will attempt a ground-breaking journey across the Atlantic ocean without a crew later this month.

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CSC: Ottawa Opting for a Batch Procurement Approach?

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) on 11 May 2021 announced that it had delivered the required certification notifying Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Canada of the AEGIS Combat System valued at an estimated $1.7 billion (US).

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New weapon system is announced for the Canadian Surface Combatant

Naval News is reporting that MBDA has confirmed the order on 19 April 2021 by Lockheed Martin to equip their Sea Ceptor Close in Air Defence (CIADS) Weapon System utilizing the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) for the CSC Frigates. 

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HMCS Margaret Brooke Harry DeWolf-class OPV for Canadian navy successfully completes sea trials

In January 2015, The Government of Canada announced a $2.6 billion contract to Irving Shipbuilding Inc. to build five Harry DeWolf-class patrol ships, marking the start of the construction phase under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. 

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