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On Watch Newsletter November 23, 2022 Edition

On Watch November 23, 2022 Edition

November 23, 2022

On Watch Newsletter Edition November 23, 2022 



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From Colin's Desk 

Colin Cooke


Hello all,

It’s been a busy fall, and here in Ontario, an early start to winter. I have managed to see many of you at various events this fall and will be attending the International Workboat Show in New Orleans next week so please reach out if you or your team will be attending as I would love to connect while there.

Now that we are all out and about again at meetings and conferences, we are also acquiring new members who see value in being part of a national association. In lieu of a Member Spotlight in this edition, we’ve included some information about our newest members. It’s been a real pleasure to meet so many of you, and a huge welcome to our newcomers.  And if you are not yet a member, but would like to be, we encourage you to sign up here!

A gentle reminder to make sure that you take two minutes to complete and return our CMISA EVENTS SURVEY. We need your input! A link to the fillable-PDF form can be found here:

If you are reading On Watch for the first time thanks to it being passed along to you, you are welcome to sign up for future editions here –  it’s free and we never share your emails with anyone. We publish our newsletter every two weeks and bring you news, procurement opportunities and features that pertain to our sector. Please take note of our Job Board and a) take advantage of it if your company has an opening and b) send links to friends and family so that we can attract new people into our sector. We all need the help!  

Colin Cooke

President and CEO



CMISA Spotlight on Members

Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association



We are pleased to welcome several new members and supporters that joined our association in October.

Rina Classification and Certification Canada Ltd is a founding member of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) and operates on behalf of 122 flag authorities. In addition to the provision of classification and statutory certification, they deliver value added services to the shipping industry and are rated among the top performing classification societies. 

Fairbanks Morse Defense Technology Solutions (FMD) builds, maintains, and services the most trusted naval power and propulsion systems on the planet. For almost 100 years, FMD has been a principal supplier of a growing array of leading marine technologies, OEM parts, and turnkey services to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, and Canadian Coast Guard. FMD stands ready to rapidly support the systems that power military fleets without compromising safety or quality.

Canal Marine & Industrial provides electrical design, engineering and around the clock service to merchant marine, naval and coast guard fleets in Canada. From the heaviest Ice Breaker, the largest Bulker, Warships, Tugs and Research Vessels, Fish Boats, Cruise Vessels and Ferries and from the oldest to the newest, Canal has been there to restore, maintain, and improve their operational reliability and safety.

Danfoss Canada has a dual purpose: to drive long-term value creation for all our stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, and partners) and to support the acceleration of decarbonization from the industries Danfoss and our customers operate. Danfoss engineers tomorrow to build a better future. Its unique products and solutions provide real value to our customers through sustainable innovation and leading application know-how.

These four companies join a very broad range of members across the country, covering the entire spectrum of the Canadian shipbuilding supply chain. The variety and geographical spread demonstrates how broad ranging shipbuilding is in our country, and what opportunities exist at all levels of the supply chain.


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Technical Information

Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory

Testing innovative solutions at real scale.


All Technical Info Here


Recent News

Order Placed for Remaining Five Type 26 Frigates on Clyde

The remaining five Type 26 Frigates have finally been ordered, bringing the total number of Type 26 Frigates being built in the UK up to eight.

Shipping Joins Producers to Scale Up Green Hydrogen-Based Fuels this Decade

Organisations and initiatives across the shipping value chain, joined by some of the top producers of green hydrogen, have signed on to a joint statement at COP27, committing to the rapid adoption of green hydrogen-based fuels this decade.

Canada Invests Funds to Support Offshore Wind Development in Nova Scotia

Natural Resources Canada is investing almost C$1.8m ($1.35m) in Net Zero Atlantic – an energy research organisation working to advance Canada’s transition to a carbon-neutral society – to lay the foundations for new offshore wind projects in Nova Scotia.

Submarine Could Move to Another Fleet-Repair Facility

If work on HMCS Chicoutimi is moved from Esquimalt, it would be a major economic blow to those employed to work on Canada’s Victoria-class submarines and a hit to the local economy.

Arctic Power Plan: High North and High Stakes

While there’s no immediate threat of armed conflict, a global power play for influence and resources in the Arctic region is heating up. 

Canada and U.S. to Establish Green Shipping Corridor in Great Lakes-St. Lawrence System

During the World Leaders Summit at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP27), Canada and the United States announced their joint work to facilitate the establishment of a Green Shipping Corridors Network in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System.

Action Plan Warns Up to 800,000 Seafarers Will Require Additional Training to Meet Decarbonisation Goals

A New Action Plan launched at COP 27 by UN organizations, shipowners and unions sets out recommendations to upskill seafarers to meet shipping’s decarbonisation goals.

Competitive Projects Launches New and Exciting Challenges Through its Next Call for Proposals

The Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program has launched four new challenges under its Competitive Projects element.

Auditor General Finds Aging Icebreakers, Aircraft Hamper Monitoring of Arctic Waters

More than a decade of delay and inaction has left the ships, planes and satellites that monitor Canada’s rapidly opening Arctic on track to be retired before they can be replaced.

World’s 1st Circular Ship Dismantling Yard Wins EU Backing

Circular Maritime Technologies has secured an EU subsidy to help its development towards becoming the world’s first circular ship dismantling yard.

If Green Corridors Success in 2030 Zero Emission Shipping will be a Commercially Viable Option Anywhere

Green corridors are necessary as a first step in scaling up fuels, vessels and infrastructure ready to mass-market rollout.

Anti-Fouling Paints: What are They and What Effects Do They Have on the Environment?

Innovation in the field of ship hull coatings is helping to improve fuel efficiency, reduce air emissions, cut noise pollution, and prevent the spread of invasive species.

Halifax Proposed as New Home for NATO’s North American Innovation Hub

Defence Minister Anita Anand announced a proposal to establish an innovation hub in Halifax for NATO to promote co-operation between NATO’s military members and the technology sector.

Ship Design Seeks to Generate Hydrogen Onboard Vessel

Maran Dry Management will work with class society Rina and ship design outfit SDARI on a system for an LNG- and hydrogen-powered ship.

The Government of Canada Invests in Marine Emergency Preparedness, Response and Partnerships as Part of the Next Phase of the Oceans Protection Plan

Since its launch in 2016, the Oceans Protection Plan has led to over 50 initiatives and the completion of more than 300 projects to keep our waters safe and clean from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Availability of Repair Facilities for Larger Vessels in Eastern Canada

Interesting summary of the availability of repair facilities for larger vessels in Eastern Canada. These are important assets for Canada to keep our fleets in service.

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Coming Soon

ExpoNaval 2022

Held every two years since 1998, and then it has become the most important event of its kind in the region, serving as a meeting point between the Latin American Navies and exhibitors of the global defense industry, shipyards, maritime technology, security, telecommunications industries, among others.

Date: November 29-Dec 2, 2022

GreenShip 2022

Join us for our first annual Green Shipping Conference, a gathering of likeminded individuals, discussing up-to-date issues and industry trends, to help accelerate indecision to action.

Date: November 29, 2022

International WorkBoat Show

A maritime industry tradition attracting 15,000 members of the commercial marine industry. Education, networking and special events developed for commercial marine professionals.

Date: November 30-Dec 2, 2022

More Events Here

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Current Procurement Opportunities

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Naval Engineering Test Establishment (NETE)

The NPP closes on November 25, 2022

Request for Proposal for VICTORIA Class Capstan Spares

The RFP closes on November 25, 2022

Request for Proposal for High Speed Cargo Towing Vehicle

The RFP closes on December 1, 2022

Request for Proposal for Approvisionnement en équipements nautiques – saison 2023

The RFP closes on December 1, 2022

Request for Proposal for High Speed Cargo Towing Vehicle

The RFP closes on December 1, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for 13m GRP Cabin Boat

The RFP closes on Dec. 5, 2022

Request for Proposal for Hose Assembly Set, Non-Metallic

The RFP closes on December 5, 2022

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Valve, Safety Relief

The NPP closes on December 5, 2022

Request for Proposal for Hoist, Chain

The RFP closes on December 12, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for CCGS G. Peddle Drydocking

The RFP closes on Dec. 13, 2022

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Expansion Joint, Pipe

The NPP closes on December 13, 2022

Notice of Proposed Procurement for Actuator, Hydraulic-Pneumatic, Linear

The NPP closes on December 13, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for CCGS S.W. Laurier - Refit

The RFP closes on Dec. 14, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for Valve, Solenoid and Parts Kit, Ball Valve

The RFP closes on Dec. 15, 2022

Request for Information for the Disposal of the Vessel Lynda Hindman

The RFI closes on December 16, 2022

Request for Proposal for Elbow Hose

The RFP closes on December 20, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for Solenoid Valve

The RFP closes on Dec. 20, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for Solenoid Valves

The RFP closes on Dec. 20, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for 40 HP Outboard Motors

The RFP closes on Dec. 22, 2022

Notice of Proposed Procurement for RFSA – Small Boats

The NPP closes on December 22, 2022

Notice of Proposed Procurement for VICTORIA Class Battery Commissioning Kit & Instrument Spares

The NPP closes on December 16, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for Motor/Pump Subassembly, Hydraulic

The RFP closes on Dec. 28, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for Valve, Gate

The RFP closes on Dec.28, 2022

NEW-Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria Class Spares: Purifiers, Valves, Adapter, and Gaskets

The RFP closes on January 11, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Communication, Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

The RFP closes on January 23, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for BioFuels Demonstration for Marine Vessels

The RFP closes on February 15, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Valve, Safety Relief, Switch Box

The RFP closes on March 31, 2023

Request for Proposal for In Water Vessel Cleaning

The RFP closes on May 2, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Disposal of 25 Vessels at Campobello Island

The RFP closes on Nov. 23, 2023

NEW-Notice of Proposed Procurement for Hose Assembly Set, Non-metallic

The NPP closes on Dec. 21, 2023

Letter of Interest/Request for Information for Marine Procurement Outlook Presentations Mari-Tech 2022

The LOI/RFI closes on December 30, 2024

Request for Supply Arrangement for Charter Vessels

The RFSA closes on December 31, 2029




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