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3C Marine & Diesel Ltd


3C Marine & Diesel Ltd, located just north of Victoria BC, is a factory direct partner for Moteurs Baudouin and provides sales and service of marine propulsion solutions, as well as marine generators.

Originally created by several professionals that wanted to bring better ideas and products to the marine industry, and build lifetime relationships of trust and respect through transparency and pride in their workmanship. Factory maintenance, and warranty work is covered by Red Seal Heavy Duty technicians. Maintenance and repair work for other brands is also provided for yachts and work vessels.

Since 1918, Baudouin products are distinguished by their genuine marine design, high level of reliability, easy maintenance, and operational economy.  Their ‘game changer’ engine - the 12M26.3 is at the forefront for emissions standards and design, while still maintaining Baudouin’s philosophy of durability, and reliability with a lower cost of ownership.  This engine is leading the pack of a whole new generation of engines which we will see in the near future. 



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The Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association is the national body giving a strong voice to our industry; broad support to our members; and a forum for successful collaboration across the country. The section will provide a broad range of data, information, and explanations for use by members and for the public at large.

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