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Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.


Terragon Environmental Technologies inc. is an award-winning cleantech company innovating sustainable solutions for on-site reuse and conversion of resources otherwise considered waste. Terragon provides the opportunity to convert wastewater into reusable water through its WETT technology and discarded materials into energy through its MAGS technology.

Unlike conventional waste management methods, Terragon offers an innovative on-site and cost-effective approach to clean energy, reusable water, and waste management. MAGS and WETT enable any habitat, including ships, to use byproducts on-site with significant environmental benefits as well as zero-waste and wastewater generation. In this way, Terragon enables total resource utilization (TRU) operations and Zero-Discharge Vessels.


Red Tape Diaries

We all have challenges and frustrations in business but excessive Red Tape should not be one of them! This page will launch this fall and it will aim to highlight relatively minor issues that can turn out to be major irritants. Our objective, of course, is to get things fixed and we believe that by bringing them to the table and identifying them, collectively we can find solutions that will make everybody happy.

The issues we might explore could concern procurement processes, regulatory issues, financial considerations or indeed anything that people feel is getting in the way of good business. We will highlight them here and then, collectively, try to make things better. No promises! Supertankers take time to alter course but they do eventually. Together we might just see some progress and by doing so, make all our jobs just a little easier.

More soon but please feel free to share your issues anytime at


Our Industry

The Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association is the national body giving a strong voice to our industry; broad support to our members; and a forum for successful collaboration across the country. The section will provide a broad range of data, information, and explanations for use by members and for the public at large.

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