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On Watch July 5, 2023

On Watch July 5, 2023 Edition

July 5, 2023

On Watch Newsletter Edition July 5,  2023 



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From Colin's Desk 



Hello all,

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Welcome to another edition of On Watch! As you read this newsletter, I am vacationing somewhere in the British Isles and using planes, trains, cars and ferries to explore some beautiful country sides. I have left you in the team’s excellent hands and look forward to re-engaging next edition.

Please check out our news clippings this edition, so many of our members are making the news and it’s very exciting to see the coverage. If you are a member and would like to be featured in a special Member Spotlight, please do reach out and we will arrange it. If you are not yet a member, but would like to be, we encourage you to join here! If you know of others who might benefit from membership, please share the sign-up link.

I hope that business is good this summer in our yards, ports, waterways, and marine sector business across the country, but that you are taking some time to rest and regenerate too.

Colin Cooke

President and CEO



In the Spotlight

Marine Procurement Initiatives




While the National Shipbuilding Strategy is a long-term plan to build vessels in Canada, there will be other marine requirements from time to time. As we identify requirements to support the Canadian Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Navy and the entire federal fleet, we engage with industry in open and transparent processes.

Auxiliary oiler replenishment vessel

Providing interim at-sea replenishment capability for the Royal Canadian Navy.

National Shipbuilding Strategy and the Oceans Protection Plan

Supporting Transport Canada in the Oceans Protection Plan.

Emergency offshore towing vessels

Aiding ships in distress and supporting Canada’s marine safety system.

In-service support contract: Halifax-class combat system

Ensuring the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class fleet continue to meet operational needs.

Ferries construction

Building 2 ferries for Transport Canada.

Website Here





Technical Information

Accelleron rR-Imagines Turbocharging with Launch of Next Generation x300-L Low-Speed Series

Accelleron has unveiled the next generation of turbochargers for two-stroke engines, the X300-L series. The platform-based and easy-service concept complemented by Accelleron's Turbo insights digital technology sets a new benchmark for turbocharging that will offer ship operators the flexibility to respond to uncertainty around the fuels they will use and how they will operate their vessels in the future.

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Recent News

Clarksons: 48% of Orderbook Embracing Alternative Fuels with 191 Ships Ammonia-Ready

Although alternative-fuelled newbuild ordering has been a little slower in 2023 to date, 48% of overall orderbook capacity is now alternative-fuelled when compared to 11% in 2017. The ordering this year has seen a relative trend towards methanol, with a 14% share of orders by tonnage against 22% dual fuel LNG, data from Clarksons shows.

Seaspan Breaks Ground on New Land-Based Testing Facility

Seaspan has begun construction on a new Land-Based Test Site (LBTS) at Vancouver Shipyards that will integrate and test vital ship communications, navigation, and other electronic equipment prior to being installed on vessels.

MV Asterix MARSS NiDAR System

Installation of cutting-edge command, control (C2) and counter unscrewed aerial systems (C-UAS).

New Propeller Coating for Eastern Pacific Shipping Fleet

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) is introducing Graphite Innovation & Technologies’ graphene-based, biocide-free propeller coating across its fleet after positive results on an LPG tanker.

SUMED Taps Thordon to Equip Pipeline Service Boats

Egypt’s SUMED pipeline operator Arab Petroleum Company has completed the tailshaft conversion to Thordon’s SXL seawater-lubricated bearing system for seven special purpose point mooring service boats.

Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA): Uniting Disruptors to Shape a Peaceful Future

DIANA has now launched its initial challenges to innovators and entrepreneurs across NATO.

Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Needed for Canadian Shipping’s Decarbonization

A new study from global sustainable development consultancy Arup, in partnership with Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonization Hub, demonstrates the many benefits that Canada could obtain from investing in infrastructure that would enable the uptake of low and zero emissions shipping fuels. In addition, the study highlights the potential impact of green shipping corridors through case studies of illustrative fuel production pathways at three Canadian ports – Vancouver, Prince Rupert, and Halifax.

Maersk to Pioneer First Container Vessel Conversion to Methanol Dual-Fuel Engine

As a first in the shipping industry, A.P. Moller – Maersk will retrofit an existing ship to a dual-fuel methanol powered vessel and thereby able to sail on green methanol.

CURRENT to Provide Improved Coastal Intelligence and Surveillance

Current Scientific Corporation’s latest innovations in thermal camera systems is the 360° Panoramic HD IR high-definition thermal camera array integrated into a gyro-stabilized EO/IR system, which provides situational awareness with long range object and threat verification.

Wärtsilä to Convert Stena Line Ferries to Methanol Fuel

Wärtsilä has been contracted by Swedish ferry operator Stena Line to convert some of its vessels to operate with methanol fuel.The conversions will include the fuel supply system and engine modifications, as well as integrating the new installations with the ships’ existing systems.

Study Sees Canada-U.S. Great Lakes Short-Sea Shipping Opportunities

A new study sees significant potential advantages for short-sea shipping services between southern Ontario and the U.S. Great Lakes region, highlighting the numerous trade flows that could benefit from integrating marine transportation alongside trucking services.

Poll Shows Big Canadian Support for Investment in Zero-Carbon Shipping

More than 8 in 10 Canadians support investment in the zero-emission ports, fuels and vessels that will help fight climate change, according to a recent poll by Abacus Data.

Study Affirms Global Shipping Industry Can Adopt More Ambitious Emission-Cutting Targets

The global shipping industry possesses the technical tools to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2030 without significant financial costs by deploying 5-10% zero or near-zero emission fuels, wind-assist technologies and by ‘climate optimising’ the speed of ships.

Day of the Seafarer Highlights Role in Ocean Protection

Hundreds of thousands of seafarers bear witness every day to changes in the marine environment due to human activity, and they are a key part of the solution through their implementation of vital International Maritime Organization rules and regulations developed and adopted to care for the oceans and the planet, while ensuring the safety of shipping.

Baltic Workboats to Build Autonomous Warships

A consortium led by Estonian shipbuilder Baltic Workboats has won funding of 95 million euros in the European Defence Fund competition to create a new type of naval platform for European fleets, adaptable for various missions in naval command and support roles.

The Murky Regulations Governing Submersibles

Submersibles don’t fall under international law as they don’t sail in and out of ports, and only have to follow local rules, so are operating in a very gray area.

More News Here

HMCS Sackville

HMCS Sackville is the last surviving WWII corvette, and she needs your financial support to keep her afloat. These “cheap and nasties” were born out of a need to defend convoys from the German U-boat threat. Like their French naval predecessors, Canadian corvettes were built on an old single-hulled whaler design. We re-plated over the original steel in 2020, however Sackville requires a new hull to remain in the water for posterity.

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Coming Soon

MEPC 80: Increased emission reduction ambitions in revised IMO GHG strategy

The MEPC 80 in July 2023 will centre around the revision of the GHG strategy setting out decarbonization ambitions for shipping as well as indicating which regulatory measures will be developed to ensure these are achieved.

Date: July 11, 2023

Maritime & Arctic Security & Safety Conference-MASS 2023

The Maritime and Arctic Security and Safety (MASS) Conference, takes place annually in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador. The 10th annual Maritime & Arctic Security & Safety (MASS) Conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with northern and maritime environments. Specifically, we will dive into the topic of emerging threats and how Atlantic Canadian companies are leading the way to provide a safe, secure, and successful future for Canada, North America, and the world with their innovative products, services, and research in this three-day international event.

Date: July 25-27, 2023

CFA 2023 Conference and Tradeshow

Join us in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia from September 17 - 19, 2023 for the CFA 2023 Conference and Trade Show! The 2023 Conference theme is “Ferries and the communities they serve – People, the environment and the economy.”

Date: September 17-19, 2023

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Current Procurement Opportunities


Request for Proposal for Hose Assemblies

The RFP closes on July 5, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Hardware, Abrasives, Bearings, and Valves

The RFP closes on July 6, 2023

Request for Proposal for Improved Galley for Victoria-Class Submarines

The RFP closes on July 10, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Marine Labour Market Analysis

The RFP closes on July 11, 2023

Request for Proposal for Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic

The RFP closes on July 12, 2023

Request for Proposal for Victoria-Class Spares -Submariner Life-Saving Suit and Mounts

The RFP closes on July 13, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, Electrical

The RFP closes on July 14, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for 9.5-10.5m GRP Boat and Trailer

The RFP closes on July 14, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Pump Unit, Rotary

The RFP closes on July 14, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Termination, Shield, Electrical Connector

The RFP closes on July 14, 2023

Request for Proposal for Parts Kit, Ball Valve

The RFP closes on July 17, 2023

Request for Proposal for Valve, Globe – Valve, Diaphragm, Stop

The RFP closes on July 17, 2023

Request for Proposal for Valve, Safety Relief

The RFP closes on July 17, 2023

Request for Proposal for Expansion Joint, Pipe

The RFP closes on July 17, 2023

Request for Proposal for Hose Set, Nonmetallic

The RFP closes on July 17, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Actuator, Pneumatic / Hose, Nonmetallic

The RFP closes on July 18, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for 6.09-6.7m AL Landing Craft

The RFP closes on July 18, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for an Aluminium Utility Boat

The RFP closes on July 18, 2023

Request for Multi Role Boat

The RFP closes on July 21, 2023

Request for Proposal for an Underwater Hydraulic Power Unit

The RFP closes on July 24, 2023

Request for Proposal for Pump Unit, Centrifugal

The RFP closes on July 24, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for VISSC II

The RFP closes on July 28, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Regulating Valve, Temperature

The RFP closes on July 28, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Screw, Cap, Hexagon Head, O-Ring, Parts Kit, Stop Valve, Oil Filler, Pilot Valve Assembly

The RFP closes on August 1, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Navtex Transmitters Equipment

The RFP closes on August 3, 2023

Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Gasket, O-Ring, Parts Kit, Valve, Panel Assembly

The RFP closes on August 7, 2023

Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares – Switch Box

The RFP closes on August 8, 2023

NEW-Request for Proposal for Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Pumping Units, Nuts and Studs

The RFP closes on August 9, 2023

Request for Proposal for CCGS Judy LaMarsh Conversion - Drydocking

The RFP closes on August 25, 2023

Request for Proposal for CCGS Griffon – Vessel Life Extension (VLE)

The RFP closes on August 30, 2023

Request for Information for Naval Inshore Support Vessels

The RFI closes on September 1, 2023

Request for Proposal for Disposal of 25 Vessels at Campobello Island

The RFP closes on November 23, 2023

Letter of Interest/Request for Information for Marine Procurement Outlook Presentations Mari-Tech 2022

The LOI/RFI closes on December 30, 2024

Request for Supply Arrangement for Charter Vessels

The RFSA closes on December 31, 2029




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