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    The world’s foremost provider of visa and document procurement services! see more

    International travel for business or for pleasure often requires some sort of visa for your stay abroad and getting one is often a process, and, well, a chore. To make things easier, we are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with CIBT, the world’s foremost provider of visa and document procurement services. CIBT operates in 75 offices across 25 countries worldwide. This valuable partnership allows CMISA to support your global trade needs providing services with visas, the authentication of documents and even US passports more efficiently and effectively – using updated and accurate information. The secure, easy-to-use online visa database is updated almost daily to provide the most current entry and health requirements. Members can take advantage of this partnership by saving 20% on CIBTvisas retail service fees for both travel visas and document services. See the link for members access through our Directory here. You will find all of the information about this program on our website, and here's a link to the general CIBT/CMISA website page. We are happy to arrange for demos too for any firm that has substantial travel needs!

     February 27, 2023