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  • 05 Mar 2019 by CMISA In the News

    Well, we’re underway! The new Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association excitedly launched this past April during the Mari-Tech 2019 conference in Ottawa. Building on the heritage of the shipbuilding industry in Canada and indeed, on that of the venerable Canadian Shipbuilding Association that represented our shipyards for so many years, CMISA aims to be broader in scope as it embraces the entire sector, from design to engineering to software to components to the yards themselves – we are the new national voice for the marine industry in our country.

    We have challenged ourselves with an awkward acronym: is it See-MISA, Smisa, C-M-I-S-A? But the words in the title are critical – this is a Marine Industry association. Our modern shipyards are not vertically integrated. They are just one part in the process of manufacturing, maintaining and repairing vessels. They may have a thousand different companies supplying them with what they need to make them viable and able to efficiently and effectively do what they do. As is the case in so many other aspects of life, it takes a community to build a ship. CMISA exists to give that community a voice, and to support it in any way possible. We want to see a strong, profitable, innovative sector that is able to provide well-paid work to a professional workforce looking after the ship-related needs of our maritime nation.

    Broadly speaking, CMISA is promoting and supporting the following efforts:

    1. Build and maintain ships in Canada (Build & Maintain)
    2. Support business opportunities for our marine industry members (Support)
    3. Sustain a network to voice our concerns and promote our solutions (Sustain)

    To achieve that, our members will:

    • Have a voice in Ottawa;
    • Be a part of a national network of marine industry peers and have an opportunity to shape the voice of the association;
    • Enjoy access to business opportunities and services;
    • Be able to access industry information and support for their business initiatives;
    • Be able to access conferences and events created specifically for this sector.

    CMISA is now open for business and we are looking forward to working and partnering with existing groups and associations across the country. We anticipate some excellent collaborations based on our initial conversations and are excited about what is coming together for the year ahead. That said, we also need your support. Please have a look at our a-work-in-progress website and keep an eye on our progress. Your participation and your guidance early in our efforts can’t help but make for a stronger association.

    So reach out, ask questions, make suggestions, and please join the new Association. We are stronger when we are all working together.

    Source: BC Shipping News - Vol.9, Iss.6 - July/August 2019