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Ocean Group

  • CMISA posted an article
    The project will generate oil savings through improved management of fuel consumption see more

    Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier and Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, and Benoit Charette, Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks, have announced an investment of $244,620 in Océan Remorquage Québec Inc, a subsidiary of Ocean Group.

    The funds will be used to set up a pilot project aimed at acquiring data on the energy management of tugs. The aim is to develop a management method based on artificial intelligence and the use of an alternative fuel.

    The project will generate oil savings through improved management of fuel consumption. All in all, it aims to reduce GHG emissions by 1,321 tonnes/year, the equivalent of taking nearly 300 cars off the road each year.

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  • CMISA posted an article
    Groupe Océan have two more tugs under construction for the Navy to be based in Halifax. see more

     The Dutch flag heavy lifter Poolgracht made a brief stop in Halifax today, June 15, for clearance from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Because the ship has been in Asian waters recently it must be declared free of the invasive moth Lymantia Dispar Dispar before proceeding farther into Canadian territory. 

    Following inspection the ship sailed late this afternoon in light rain and fog.

     The ship's AIS signal is giving a destination of "Three Rivers" (Trois-Rivières) which may be the case, but I am also aware that it is due in Quebec City, with that port giving an ETA of June 20.

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    A legacy in the marine industry see more

    Gordon Bain, a leading figure in Quebec’s harbour tug and salvage industry, was honoured at the International Tug & Salvage Convention (« ITS ») gala in Dubai on May 23rd. Ocean Group’s founder received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of his distinguished career. This prestigious recognition confirms his invaluable contribution and dedication to the maritime industry.


    Gordon Bain has dedicated his life to the improvement and innovation of the harbour towage industry. With a career spanning several decades, he has seen and contributed to many technological and operational developments in the industry. His vision and leadership have led to significant advances in safety, efficiency and sustainability.

    Mr. Bain’s early days in the marine industry were marked by creativity, a commitment to improving towing practices, and a little risk-taking at times! His passion for innovation and attention to detail helped set high performance standards in the industry.

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  • CMISA posted an article
    Ocean Group proud to welcome MV Umiak I back to dry dock see more

    Shipyard Verreault, a related company of Ocean Group, is proud to announce the return of Fednav, an international shipowner, to its Les Méchins shipyard. Fednav's MV Umiak I, a bulk carrier specially built for Vale Base Metals, began its regulatory dry dock on April 12, 2024.

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     April 16, 2024
  • CMISA posted an article
    Marks a strategic move for this sector of activity see more

    The maritime company Ocean Group announces that it will bring 
    together part of the activities of its subsidiary Ocean Marine Works Inc. in Sorel-Tracy's Ludger-
    Simard industrial park by the end of the year. This move will consolidate Ocean Group's presence in 
    Sorel-Tracy, where the company already has harbour towing facilities. 

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     November 06, 2023
  • CMISA posted an article
    Ocean Group reiterates its commitment to the Foundation of the CHU de Quebec see more

    Ocean Group reiterates its commitment to the Foundation of the CHU de Quebec, with the second edition of Respire, a fundraising event aimed at renewing the fleet of respirators for neonatal critical care at the Centre mere-enfant Soleil of the CHU de Quebec-Universite Laval. Ocean Group is proud to donate $300,000 to the Fondation du CHU de Quebec.

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     September 22, 2023
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    Built in 1986, the vessel stands out for its versatility and maneuverability. see more

    The Canadian coast guard (CCG) recently awarded a major contract to Ocean Group for the life extension of its vessel, the CCGS Martha L. Black. This decision marks an important step in Canada’s ongoing efforts to modernize and improve the CCG’s fleet of vessels.

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  • CMISA posted an article
    Ocean Group has committed to a fuel supply agreement with Nation Clean Energy Inc see more

    This agreement provides for commitments that will prioritize economic and social benefits for Musqueam, and contracting opportunities for Group Ocean.

    This includes capacity development initiatives leading to career opportunities for Musqueam members both on the water, and ashore.

    The first such initiative involved the training of five Musqueam members as Bridgewatchpersons/ Deckhands, in collaboration with the Marine Campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

    The successful participants are now undertaking an onboard internship, and eventual placement with Group Ocean.

    In terms of other inclusive strategies, Group Ocean has committed to a fuel supply agreement with Nation Clean Energy Inc., another Musqueam partner. This includes the supply of low carbon renewable fuel products.

    Group Ocean hope to establish further lasting, meaningful, and successful business relationships with other Coastal First Nations, using similar collaborative Framework Agreements, as they are doing with Musqueam.

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  • CMISA posted an article
    Allows Ocean Group to pursue its growth plan see more

    Ocean Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Shipyard Verreault, located in Les Méchins in the Matanie region of Quebec. Founded in 1956 by Captain Borromée Verreault, this shipyard specializes in ship repair and transformation, and plays a leading role in the Quebec and Canadian maritime industry. With this acquisition, Ocean Group has increased its capacity and expertise to meet the needs of its customers.

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     October 05, 2022
  • Sandra Houle posted an article
    Thank you for making this passion that animates us grow day after day! see more

    Ocean Group is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In May 1972, a prosperous company was born from the vision of a man who was not afraid to take risks, and who is the pride of more than 1,000 employees. Ocean Group, founded by Gordon Bain, enjoys an enviable reputation in the marine industry, which has seen it born, grow and develop over the decades.

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  • CMISA posted an article
    To provide harbour towing services at the two Roberts Bank terminals, Deltaport and Westshore see more

    By winning this call for tender, Ocean group has strategically positioned itself in thee Port of Vancouver and has set itself apart by emphasizing thee reduction of pollutants, more competitive rates, and tugs better adapted to the needs of its customers.

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     February 21, 2022
  • CMISA posted an article
    Ocean Group is the recipient of the RH-Meilleures pratiques presented at the Fidéides evening see more

    We are very proud to announce that Ocean Group is the recipient of the RH-Meilleures pratiques presented at the Fidéides evening of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec (CCIQ).

    The Fidéides evening, held on October 27, is a recognized event in the business community of the Québec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions. It rewards companies that have distinguished themselves during the year by their business performance and the agility of their practices.

    This year, the RH – Meilleures pratiques award was given to Ocean Group because of its distinctive ways of doing things, and especially because of the efforts made on a daily basis by all of its employees to place health and safety, well-being, close management, inclusion and skills development at the heart of its practices.
    “At Ocean Group, we are convinced that our committed teams, well anchored in our culture and values, contribute directly to the success of our organization, whose growth ambitions are very important”, said Carole Goudreault, Executive Vice President -Talent and Culture, when the award was presented.

    Each award presented by the CCIQ during the Fidéides evening includes qualitative selection criteria that the committee rigorously evaluates for each application received.  It is therefore an honour to receive such a distinction.
    “This award shows that the efforts made by each of us have contributed to the achievement of our objectives. We are committed to continuing our work to keep our employees at the heart of our strategies and management practices,” said Carole Goudreault.


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     October 28, 2021
  • CMISA posted an article
    Several major contracts in British Columbia... see more

    Québec, September 27, 2021 - Ocean Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Samson Tugboats Inc., a Vancouver based company specializing in harbour towing in the Vancouver area since 2011. In March 2020, Ocean Group announced that it had been awarded several major contracts in British Columbia, including one for harbour towing services in the Port of Vancouver, with three state-of-the-art tugs. After more than a year of operations, the company now has four tugs on site to serve its clients. With the acquisition of Samson Tugboats and its two tugs, Ocean Group will now have six harbour tugs in the region, additionally being able to count on the business relationships previously established by the management of Samson Tugboats.

    "We share Canadian values of respect and integrity with Samson Tugboats and we intend to focus on the continuity of our activities, in a sustainable development perspective. The two harbour tugs will become part of Ocean Group's fleet and will meet the needs of our clientele in the Vancouver area. This acquisition is in line with our desire to have high quality standards for our clients," said Jacques Tanguay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Group.

    This new acquisition reflects Ocean Group's objectives to continue its expansion on the Canadian West Coast and supports its determination to develop on a global scale. It is an investment in a company that is well known in the maritime industry and that has expertise that will complement Ocean Group's existing efforts in this region thus enhancing Ocean`s local footprint.


    Ocean Group is a major maritime company operating mainly in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Caribbean. Nearly 950 employees carry out a multitude of projects its in the four main complementary business, namely shipbuilding and repair, harbour towing and marine transportation, specialized marine equipment rental and dredging, and electrotechnology.

    For information:

    Philippe Filion, MAP, Director – Corporate and Public Affairs, Ocean Group

    418-694-1414, extension 259 or 418-928-7056

     September 27, 2021
  • CMISA posted an article
    Revamping the MV Joseph Savard see more

    Ocean Group obtains the largest contract in its history for the modernization of a ferry. The Quebec shipyard will be responsible for revamping the MV Joseph-Savard, a ship of the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ).

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     February 20, 2021