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  • CMISA posted an article
    The federal government is giving a massive financial injection to the B.C. shipbuilding industry see more

    The federal government is giving a massive financial injection to the B.C. shipbuilding industry.

    The Seaspan Shipyards in North Vancouver will receive more than $490 million over two contracts for the next stages in building Multi-Purpose Vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard.

    “The Multi-Purpose Vessel project will help ensure that members of the Canadian Coast Guard have versatile vessels to complete essential missions in Canada’s oceans and waterways,” Minister of Public Services and Procurement Jean-Yves Duclos said Tuesday.

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     March 26, 2024
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    Thordon invests heavily in innovation and research and development at its Canadian facility see more

    Thordon Bearings has been awarded a contract to supply seawater-lubricated bearings for installation to the first of two modified versions of the Harry DeWolf-class of Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS). The new ships for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) are on order and will be built at Irving Shipbuilding’s Halifax Shipyard.

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     August 08, 2023
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    Canadian Coast Guard has purchased BRNKL Rapid Deploy units from Barnacle Systems Inc. see more

    Canadians expect clean and safe waterways, and efficient response to marine hazards is a priority for the Government of Canada. Abandoned, wrecked or hazardous vessels can threaten marine environments, local communities and economies. The Canadian Coast Guard is taking action to address these vessels across the country through innovative technology.

    Today, the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, the Honourable Joyce Murray, announced that the Canadian Coast Guard has purchased BRNKL Rapid Deploy units from Barnacle Systems Inc. Through a partnership with Innovative Solutions Canada, 39 of these remote monitoring devices are being installed on hazardous vessels across the country.  

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    Billions in new proposed spending see more

    OTTAWA — The Liberals’ new defence policy is promising to at least consider expanding and renewing Canada’s submarine fleet, and the prime minister is not ruling out that nuclear submarines could be part of that upgrade.

    The long-awaited defence policy review was released at Canadian Forces Base Trenton on Monday. It includes billions in new proposed spending that the government said would bring the country’s military budget closer to NATO target of two per cent of GDP, but it will still fall short.

    The policy review was launched just after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and was proposed as a response to the changing global situation. The document said Canada would consider investing in new submarines.

    “We commit to vastly improving the Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to surveil and control our underwater and maritime approaches,” the document reads. “We will explore options for renewing and expanding our submarine fleet to enable the Royal Canadian Navy to project a persistent deterrent on all three coasts, with under-ice capable, conventionally powered submarines.”

    Canada has four diesel submarines purchased second hand from Britain in the late 1990s. The submarines have a dismal performance record and have spent much of their time in dry dock undergoing lengthy repairs. During a recent four-year span, all four submarines spent a combined total of just 214 days in the water, with two of the subs spending no time at sea at all.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government will start a process to determine what would be the best fit as a replacement. While the defence review suggested the subs would be “conventionally powered,” Trudeau didn’t rule out considering a nuclear-powered fleet.

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     April 08, 2024
  • CMISA posted an article
    CanExport funding for exporters, innovators, associations and communities see more

    Get financial support and personalized advice to connect with potential foreign partners, pursue new business opportunities abroad or attract foreign investment into Canadian communities.

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     March 01, 2024
  • CMISA posted an article
    Canada has awarded a contract to SEA for its lightweight Torpedo Launcher System see more

    anada has awarded a £15.1m ($19.2m) contract to Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) for the production of a lightweight Torpedo Launcher System (TLS) for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) on a major naval vessel programme, to be completed in 2030, with work expected to begin immediately, according to a release from Cohort PLC, SEA’s parent company, on 29 January.

    SEA’s TLS is a weapon-agnostic system capable of firing a range of Nato standard lightweight torpedos. With more than 30 years service with the UK Royal Navy, the system has a proven modular and flexible design, capable of firing the US Mk 44, Mk 46 and Mk 54 torpedoes, UK Sting Ray, Italian A244S, French MU 90 and the Korean Blue Shark.

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     January 29, 2024
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    They can pollute the marine ecosystem, damage infrastructure, interfere with navigation... see more

    Abandoned and wrecked vessels can be harmful to the environment and to public safety. Through Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan, the federal government made abandoning your vessel illegal in Canada and it is taking action to remove abandoned and wrecked vessels from our waters and protecting our coasts and waterways.

    Today, Patrick Weiler, Member of Parliament for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez announced up to $1.6 million for eight projects which will assess, remove, and dispose of 34 abandoned and wrecked vessels in Canadian waters. The organizations that will receive funding are:

    • Salish Sea Industrial Services
    • Rugged Coast Research Society
    • Gibsons Marine Transport Ltd.
    • Freedom Diving Systems Ltd. 
    • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

    Abandoned boats in Canada (for example, recreational and small commercial fishing vessels) have economic and environmental impacts on local communities. They can pollute the marine ecosystem, damage infrastructure, interfere with navigation and pose a safety risk to Canadians.

    The Oceans Protection Plan is a Canadian success story. When Indigenous Peoples, industry, communities, scientists, and government work together to protect our environment, grow our economy, and support good jobs across the country, we deliver real results. The Oceans Protection Plan is keeping our oceans and coasts healthy, advancing reconciliation, and building a clean future for everyone.

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     January 16, 2024
  • CMISA posted an article
    Norwegian ship to replace scrapped MV Holiday Island until replacement built see more

    The federal government is paying $38.6 million to buy a Norwegian car and passenger ferry to replace MV Holiday Island, which was scrapped after an engine fire in the Northumberland Strait in 2022.

    The government announced the price tag in a news release Thursday, three months after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed negotiations for MV Fanafjord during a visit to P.E.I.

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     November 16, 2023
  • CMISA posted an article
    It provides independent verification and validation, as well as expert test and evaluation services see more

    Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), on behalf of the Department of National Defence, awarded a $560-million contract to Weir Canada Inc. to manage the Naval Engineering Test Establishment (NETE). The first contract will be for five years, beginning in April 2024, with options to extend for an additional 15 years.  

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     October 23, 2023
  • CMISA posted an article
    Improve the safety of marine mammals see more

    It’s hard to find a place that can serve as both a training ground for military ships and aircraft, and as a home to sensitive wildlife. With the help of Defence Research and Development Canada, the ocean can more safely be both. This capability was exemplified during Exercise CUTLASS FURY 2023, where defence scientists took to the seas to improve the safety of marine mammals.

    Exercise CUTLASS FURY is a biennial NATO exercise that takes place in the North Atlantic, off the coast of Nova Scotia. The exercise is an opportunity for NATO Allies to gather and put their skills to the test in a simulated tactical marine environment. This year, the exercise ran from September 10 to 22.

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     September 25, 2023
  • CMISA posted an article
    The company had hoped the federal government would contribute funds but that did not happen see more

    B.C. Ferries has withdrawn an application to electrify its six existing Island-class ferries, saying it will submit a new plan in coming weeks.

    It also said it wants to buy four new electric-powered Island-class vessels.

    No further information about existing and potential new vessels was revealed.

    B.C. Ferries had won approval in 2021 from the B.C. Ferry Commissioner to electrify its Island-class ferries by using on-board batteries and installing up to nine land-based rapid-charging systems.

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     September 08, 2023
  • CMISA posted an article
    Replacing MV Holiday Island, which burned on Northumberland Strait run last year see more

    The federal government has found a temporary replacement for the MV Holiday Island ferry on the Northumberland Strait run between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

    Transport Canada is expected to buy Norwegian-flagged MV Fanafjord and have it enter service with Northumberland Ferries Ltd. in May 2024. Once the deal is finalized, the 16-year-old ship will supplement the service provided by MV Confederation while a new ferry vessel is built to carry passengers and vehicles between the two provinces.

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     August 23, 2023